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GDJB-II Single Phase Relay Test Set

General introduction

GDJB-II type Single phase relay protection tester is the updated calibration device for relay testing. It shows clear data, operation is easy.


A. Working conditions

  • Power supply: AC 220V+/-10%, 50Hz
  • Working environment: Temperature -10--40centigrade
  • Humidity: <=85%
  • Atmosphere: 86-106kPa

B. Output power supply

  • AC voltage: 0-220V/3A
  • AC current: 0-150A/7.5V ; 0-20A/25V ; 0-5A/5V
  • DC voltage: 0-220V/3A
  • DC current: 0-20A/25V
  • Fixed voltage output: DC 24V/48V/110V/220V

C. Performance Index

  • Ammeter and voltmeter: 4 1/2 digit.
  • Digital millisecond meter: 0-99.9999s

D. Functions

  • 1. Measure relay: Measure start value, return value and drop-off to pick-up ratio of current, voltage relay.
  • 2. Time relay: Measure start value, return value and action time.
  • 3. Intermediate relay: Measure all kinds of coil with start. Remain start value, return value, holding value and action time of coil intermediate relay.
  • 4. Reclosing relay: Charge test of capacitance, charge time, reclosing time and middle components test.
  • 5. Differential relay: DC Excitation test, Braking test, Volt-ampere characteristic test.
  • 6. Other unconventional relays and LV circuit breakers.



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