Infrastructure Project Management System

GD-IPMS Infrastructure Project Management System

General Information

GD-IPMS is the abbreviation of “infrastructure project management system”, and is a system used to adapt the standardization of infrastructure management, information of finance and project management, which helps to manage and control the lifecycle of infrastructure, technology innovation, maintenance and business expansion. It meets the interim of enterprise from infrastructure period to production period.

IPMS covers the management of asset, cost, planning, budget and contract. It will be able to achieve comprehensive power plant management by strengthening the product supervision and technology.

Functions and Features

  • Project management

Maintenance and operation of project covering basic information: project code, name, building-scale; time of power transformation and transmission, initiation; time of commencement and completion of work; documents of approval, etc.

  • Assets management

Management of budgetary estimate files from superiors approval, various funds of transferring and statistics, and various budgets of project.

  • Budget estimate management

Budget estimate making is managed by power plant budget estimate making method, reflecting hierarchical structure. The system establishes budget with contract sharing to balance budget and contract. By controlling contract signing of budget in system, it will be able to control investment and project cost, being convenient to adjust and transfer budget and effectively trace to the implement of budget.

  • Contact management

Establishing contract center and classifying contract, those cover the period of infrastructure and production. Contract types consist of purchase, infrastructure, supervision and design, etc. Users can classify by themselves.

  • Materials management

The whole process of all the equipments and materials can be managed.

  • Biding management

Management for biding of infrastructure and purchase is to keep the completion of biding and the related documents.

  • Completion final account management

The specification, reports, as-built drawings and cost contrastive analysis can be managed.

  • Documents management

The related documents and standards of infrastructure period can be managed to be queried anytime.

  • Integrated query

Basic information of assets, materials, progress and schedule, etc, in infrastructure period, can be integrated queried.



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