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GDHG-201P CT/PT Analyzer

General introduction

GDHG-201P CT/PT Analyzer is designed for analyzing current transformers and voltage transformers of protection or measurement use, which is suitable for laboratory and on-site test.


  • 5.7 inch LCD screen display.
  • Full functions, satisfy all kinds of CT(protection CT, measuring CT, TP) test requirements, such as excitation characteristic test, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary burden, ratio error, angular difference and etc. Also it can be used to test excitation characteristic, turn ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance,ratio error, angular difference and etc all kinds of PT.
  • More efficient to test CT, no need to use standard CT, primary current injection device, load case, voltage regulation control and high current lead to verify the CT.
  • Meets IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6 standards of all kinds of CT/PT.
  • Accurately measure ratio error and angular error. Max. Ratio error ±0.05% is permitted. Max. Angular error ±2min if permitted. It can measure 0.2S class CT and turns ratio range is 1-35000.
  • Auto test CT/PT parameters on knee point voltage/current, 5% and 10% deviation curve measurement, Accuracy limit factor (ALF), safety factor (FS), second time constants (Ts), residual magnetism factor(Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance.
  • Using variable frequency method to test VA curves and 10% error curve of CT/TP. Max. Output is 180V and 5A rms(15A peak value), but it can make CT test when keen point is up to 60kV.
  • Easy to use. To test CT DC resistance, excitation and polarity only by one button. All CT tests adopt same one connect method except load test.
  • Storage 1000 groups data, data can be saved even power down. Equipped with micro printer to print test result after testing completed.
  • Test results can be download by USB disk.

  • Small size, weight is no more than 10kg, suitable for on-site use.

Main parameters


0~ 18 0V rms , 5 A rms , 15 A (peak value)

Voltage measurement accuracy

±0. 05 %

CT turns ratio measurement


1~ 30 000


±0. 2 %

PT turns ratio measurement


1~ 3 0 000


±0. 2 %

Phase measurement


± 5 min


0. 5 min

Secondary winding resistance measurement


0~ 30 0Ω


2 %± 2 mΩ

AC load measurement




2 %± 0.2VA

Power input

AC220V± 1 0% 50H z

Operation environment

Temperature: -10 °C~50 °C

Humidity: ≤90%


Dimension: 365mm×290mm×153mm

Weight: < 10 kg


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