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GD6300 Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester

General Information

GD6300 Capacitance&Dissipation tester measures the capacitance and dielectric loss factor (tgδ) of high voltage electric equipment. It can also test dielectric loss of insulating oil test grounded, which is micro controller operated, accurate, small, light weight and reliable.


  • 105*65mm LCD screen
  • Calendar chip and large storage inside. Save testing result according to time order, check history record and print the result.
  • With UST and GST test mode.
  • High speed sampling signal. Inverter and sampling circuit inside are digitized controlled. Output voltage is adjusted continuously.
  • Multiple protection of input voltage fluctuation, output short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, temperature, secure and reliable. Meanwhile, it has the function of grounding testing, that voltage boost is not permitted for non-grounding equipment.
  • 45Hz, 50Hz, 55Hz frequency conversion signals, anti-interference.


  • Use condition:-15℃--40℃,RH80%
  • Anti-interference principle:Frequency conversion
  • Power supply:AC 220V±10% Generator is permitted
  • HV output:0.5KV--18KV,0.1kV for step
  • Accuracy:2%
  • Max. current:500mA
  • Capacity:5000VA
  • Resolution:tgδ: 0.001%,Cx: 0.01pF
  • Accuracy: △tgδ:±(1.0% of the reading+0.040%) ; △C x :±(1.0% of the reading+1.00PF)
  • Measurement range:tgδ: No limit Cx:15pF Cx 1uF ; 18KV Cx 50 nF ; 10KV Cx 100 nF ; 5KV Cx 200 nF ; 1KV Cx 1 uF
  • Dimension: 600L×450W×700H
  • Storage:200 group
  • Weight:55 kg



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