GDYB-S20 Three Phase Energy Meter Test System

GDYB-S20 Three Phase Energy Meter Test System

General Information

GDYB-B20 3-phase Energy Meter Test System is used to test various kinds of single/three phase meters of 0.1 class and below. It has good appearance, complete functions and stable performance .

Main Features&Functions

  • Compact design, the meter rack of the testing equipment and the desk frame are all made of special aluminum alloy and the desk faceplate is made of fireproof and heatproof fiber materials.
  • Easy to use, both keyboard and PC operation are available.
  • Advanced automation. User only needs to put on meters, adjust the photoelectric sampler and set the parameters in good condition, then all the test items, including pre-heating, actuation and false actuation tests, standard deviation test, basic error test are all controlled by PC and finished in one test. The procedure of meter calibration can be user-defined.
  • Photoelectric sampler can realize three-dimensional adjustment, It can not only sample the turn-plate signal of the rotary meter but also receive the strobe signal of the electronic energy meter.
  • The error processing system can receive signal from the photoelectric sampler and output pulse of the insert type electronic meter, and high frequency pulse signal of standard meter.
  • Meters in same type(same phase line, rated voltage and current) but different constant (at most 3 kinds) can be tested at same time.
  • Test communication function of RS485 port, demand error and clock error(clock signal output is necessary for energy meter.)
  • Automatically locate the mark area of rotary meter, which is convenient to make false actuation tests.
  • Superimposing 2-21 harmonics in fundamental wave of power frequency, harmonic amplitude and phase can be set according to the requirements. Also output result will be harmonic analyzed and waveform will be drawn.
  • Auto testing on every unit voltage, current, power stability and three phase total power stability.
  • High stability and reliability, big output power. Voltage (current) loop can take load of any type.
  • The testing equipment is provided with complete malfunction checking, locating, protection and alarm functions to avoid damage caused by wrong manual wiring or operating.
  • PC software provides complete functions of report printing, quantity counting and assets maintaining.


  • 1 Accuracy level: 0.1 class
  • 2 Output voltage: 3*100V57.7V Y 3*100V ∆
    3*380V220V Y 3*380V ∆
  • Regulating range: 0-120% continuously adjustable
  • Regulating fineness: better than 0.01%
    * Special voltage range can be setup according to user order.
  • 3 Current range: 0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A
  • Regulating range: 0-120% consecutively adjustable
    Regulating fineness: better than 0.01%
  • 4 Output power: (voltage loop) 800VA
    (current loop) 1200VA
  • 5 Stability of output voltage, current and power: ≤0.05%/120S PF=1 (0.1class type)
  • 6 Wave distortion of output voltage and current: ≤0.5%
  • 7 Symmetry of three phase: better than 120° +0.3°
  • 8 Frequency range: 45Hz~65Hz regulating accuracy: 0.1 Hz
  • 9 Phase shifting range: -180.0°-180.0° regulating accuracy: 0.1°
  • 10 Standard crystal oscillator stability: ≤10-7/s
  • 11 Indicating instruments class
    Voltmeter and ammeter accuracy: level±0.2%
    Phase meter accuracy: ±0.5°
    Frequency meter accuracy: ±0.01Hz
  • 12 Maximum meters for test: 20
  • 13 Power supply: 3*220V±10%, 50Hz
  • 14 Maximum power consumption: 3200VA
  • 15 Working temperature: 20±5℃ relative humidity: ≤85%
  • 16 Dimensions and weight:2500mm * 750 mm * 2000 mm 400kg



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