GDJB-802 Relay Protection Tester

GDJB-802 Relay Protection Tester

General Information

Relay Protection Microcomputer Test Device plays a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation measurement, fault recorder.


  • 4phase voltage and 3phase current output.
  • Big LCD screen display.
  • Be able to connect with PC to operate.
  • Real-time storage and print. Vector diagram display.
  • 7-channel contacts input and 2pairs idle contact output.
  • Self-protection function.
  • With independent special DC power output, 110V and 220V adjustable DC power supply output.


AC current output

Phase current output (effective value):0-40A

Phase current max. Output power:420VA

Maximum parallel current output (effective value):0~1 2 0A

Maximum parallel power output:900VA

Long-term allowable working value of phase current

(effective value):10A

Allowable working time of maximum current:10 s

Frequency range( fundamental wave ):20-1000Hz

Harmonic wave times:1-20times

Accuracy:0.5 %

AC voltage


Phase voltage output (effective value):0~1 2 0V

Line voltage output (effective value):0~2 4 0V

Phase voltage/Line voltage output power:80VA/100VA

Frequency range( fundamental wave ):20-1000Hz

Harmonic wave times:1-20times

Accuracy:0.5 %

DC voltage output

Phase voltage o utput range:0~±1 6 0V

Line voltage output range:0~± 32 0V

Phase voltage/Line voltage output power:70VA/140VA

Accuracy:0.5 %

DC current output

Output range:0- ±10A /phase, 0- ± 3 0A / parallel

Maximum output load voltage:20V

Accuracy:0.5 %

Binary input


Idle contact:1~20mA, 24V (DC) Electric potential contact:“0” : 0 - +6V ; “1” : +11 V- +250V

Binary output


DC:220V/0.2A AC:220V/0.5A

Time measurement

Measurement range: 0.1ms-9999s accuracy 0.1ms



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