GDPD-505 Portable Partial Discharge Detector

GDPD-505 Portable Partial Discharge Detector

GDPD-505 is a portable multi-functional PD online detector, which is suitable for testing transformers, GIS, switch cabinet, power cables, lightning arrester and CT/PTs.

The system includes detector, software, HFCT(high frequency current transformer), calibration pulse generator, 40kHz ultrasonic sensor, 150kHz ultrasonic sensor, UHF sensors, TEV sensors, Acoustoelectric sensors and some connection cables.

It uses pulse current, ultrasonic and UHF technology, to detect and analyze HF electromagnetic signals and ultrasonic signals of internal transformers and GIS, so that to detect and evaluate the running status of GIS, transformers.

  • The main detector is portable design, robust and reliable.
  • Using 14inch laptop, built-in 20Ah Li-battery. Working up to 4hours without external power supply.
  • Strong anti-interference ability. Using digital filtering technology, effectively eliminate field interference.
  • Multichannel data collection. Comprehensive analysis of electromagnetic wave and ultrasonic wave generated by partial discharge.
  • Easy wiring. BNC port for sensors and detector.
  • Strong software functions. With PD measurement and analysis, Measurement and analysis of PD repeat discharge times “n”, anti-fixed interference, anti-dynamic interference, display mode of ellipse, straight line and sine wave can be selected.
  • The discharge result is accorded with IEC60720 standard. The display value unit is pc and mV.
  • Measurement channel: 2-4pcs independent measurement channel
  • Sampling rate: Max. 100MHz of each channel.
  • Sensitivity: 1pc.
  • Measurement range: 1pc-10000pc.
  • Dynamic range: >80dB.
  • Bandwidth 3dB of measurement frequency band: 10kHz-30MHz.
  • Digital filter: any setting within 50kHz-30MHz.
  • Power Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz, power <50W.
  • Environment temperature: -20℃-60℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95%.
  • Altitude: ≤3000m.

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