GDKC-3000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester

GDKC-3000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester

General introduction

GDKC-3000 is suitable to test various tap changers and arc suppression coil switch.


  • With high stable negative feedback constant current technology, current stability <0.1%.
  • All data can be obtained at one time, easy operation.
  • Suitable to test autotransformer.
  • Accurately measure Y type non-neutral point transformers.
  • Real waveform and data can be shown.It is important to show transient process of tap changer which is useful to analyze the tap changer.
  • When the inductance of winding is big, it will cause oscillation of waveform. This model use high current injection retest to avoid the problem.
  • Built-in printer, with memory to storage data up to 40groups.


  • Power input: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz±10%
  • Environmental temperature: -10--45℃
  • Humidity: ≤80%RH
  • Insulation resistance: >2MΩ
  • Leak current: <3.5mA
  • Test current: 3-phase independent constant current source
  • Test current: Charging current 1A stability 0.1%
  • Transition resistance: range 0.01-20Ω resolution 0.01Ω ; Accuracy 1%±2digits
  • Transition time: range 1-500ms resolution 0.1ms
  • Sampling rate: 10kHz
  • Accuracy 0.5%±2digits
  • Dimension: 280*240*170mm
  • Weight: about 4kg



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