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GDBT Transformer Test Bench

General introduction

GDBT Transformer Test Bench is automatic test system. It is high automation, easy operation and accurate testing. It will reduce the mechanical failure and reading error as well as improve accuracy and applicability of whole system by integrating and digitizing the traditional power supply, voltage and power meters. The leaving factory test will be more easy and efficient.


  • Integrated control of industrial single chip microcomputer.
  • Integrated design, easy to upgrade and extension.
  • Complete on-load and load, DC resistance, ratio and induction test.
  • The range of HV/LV current and voltage transformer can be selected automatically.
  • Automatically switching the transformer range (without manual operation).
  • Automatic selection of intermediate transformer tap position and switch in the process of testing.
  • The factory time for average completion of one transformer can be controlled within 20 minutes.
  • Data processing and printing functions.
  • Automatic boost and drop voltage, and automatic speed regulation, automatic stop.
  • The balance degree of test current and voltage is automatically judged during testing.
  • Automatically collect and save data.


Test item

Auxiliary test item

Transformer no-load test

Transformer insulation resistance, absorption ratio, polarization index test

Transformer on-load test

Transformer insulation oil analysis system

Transformer power frequency AC Hipot test

Transformer dielectric loss test

Transformer multi-frequency induced-voltage test

Environmental temperature test

Transformer DC resistance test

Transformer partial discharge test

Transformer ratio, group, error test

Transformer Oil chromatographic analysis system

Transformer temperature-rise test



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