GDHG-206 CT/PT On-site Calibrator

GDHG-206 CT/PT On-site Calibrator

General introduction

GDHG-206 CT/PT On-site Calibrator is designed for analyzing current transformers and voltage transformers of ratio error, angle error, ratio error/angle error of 1%-200% current. It can directly measure turns ratio and polarity, actual secondary burden of CT/PT.

The model uses DC and AC power supply with high precision and automatic linear adjustment. High speed and reliable digital processing module is also adopted.

Different types

  • GDCT-103B CT On-site Calibrator(with white screen)
  • GDCT-103C CT On-site Calibrator (with true color big screen)
  • GDPT-103 PT On-site Calibrator
  • GDPT-103C CVT On-site Calibrator


CT Turn Ratio Range

5A/5A- 25000A/5A (5A/1A- 5000A/1A)

Turn ratio error ±0.2%

PT Turn Ratio Range

Full range measurement ±0.2%

Accuracy of PT, CT Error


DC Resistance

0.0-0.1Ω ±3%

0.1-50Ω ±1%

CT Secondary Burden

1Ω-25Ω ±2%

PT Secondary Burden

1VA-500VA ±2%

Ratio Error

0.001%-3% (100V)

Angle Error

0.00’-50’ (100V)




∆X= ±(2%×X+2%×Y±2digit), ∆Y= ±(2%×X+2%×Y±2digit)



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