GDHG-103 CT/PT Calibrator

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GDHG-103 CT/PT Calibrator

General introduction

GDHG-103 CT/PT Calibrator is mainly used to calibrate CT/PT with accuracy class 0.01 to class 10, CT secondary rated current is 5A, 1A and PT secondary rated voltage is 100V, 100/√3V, 150V(100/√3V,220V). The test result is shown directly by figure.


  • Display, save and print data.
  • Automatic measurement, using difference value measurement method and direct measurement error.
  • Automatic polarity judgment, automatically determine the polarity within 2%-20%
  • Automatically switch range according to measurement data.
  • Strong adaptability for power supply.
  • 320*240 LCD screen with back light.
  • AC sampling and full data processing.
  • With data management function. It can be connected with PC.
  • Save and check measurement result. Data will not lose after power off .

Optional components:

  • Standard PT
  • Standard CT
  • Self-boosting standard transformer
  • Standard CT with current injector
  • Control unit with double voltage regulator
  • Inductive divider
  • PT load case
  • CT load case


Measurement Range

In-phase component(%): 0.0001-200, resolution 0.0001

Quadrature component(min): 0.001-700.0, resolution 0.001

Impedance(Ω): 0.001-20.0, resolution 0.0001

Admittance(ms): 0.0001-20.0, resolution 0.0001


Basic error

In-phase component: ΔX=±(X×2%Y×2%)±Dx

Quadrature component: ΔY=±X×2%Y×2%×34.48±Dy

X,Y-- Display value of instrument

Dx, Dy-- Quantization error

lError of Percent table: 1.5% (1.0% for option)

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