GDSF-81 Series Triple frequency induced voltage tester

GDSF-81 Series Triple frequency induced voltage tester

General introduction

Induced voltage test of transformer and CT/PT is an important test to guarantee transformer quality to conform with national standard. Minor insulation induced voltage test of transformer winding turn-to-turn, inter-layer, inter-segment and phase-to-phase is an important item of transformer insulation testing. Based on the particularity of minor insulation test, multiple frequency power supply device is needed imposing to improve insulation testing voltage between winding, achieving the purpose of hipot test.

In order to meet the above requirements, GDSF-81 Triple frequency generator was designed and manufactured by HV HIPOT ELECTRIC CO., Ltd. Its proved by clients that it can meet the requirements of induced voltage hipot set of transformer and CT/PT well, due to its simple operation, reliable performance.


  • Adopted three phase and five pillar structure, process is simple, which reduces the inner impedance of transformer and improves working efficiency of generator.
  • Weight and volume all are smaller than traditional single phase transformer; its equipped with control box with corresponding volume and convenient for on-site operation.
  • This instrument can be used as 150HZ power supply of induced voltage hipot test and short time operation of transformer and corresponding capacity electric appliance.


  • Rated capacity:5-100kVA; input three phase 380V, 50Hz sine waveform
  • Output 0-300V, 0-500V, 0-1000V (special voltage can be customized), 150Hz
  • Waveform distortion
  • Capacity: 3-150kVA
  • No-load operation time: ≤5 mins
  • Load operation time: 40-60s



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