GD3126B intelligent insulation resistance tester

GD3126B intelligent insulation resistance tester

General introduction

GD3126B intelligent insulation resistance tester is newly designed based on GD2135. It can conduct digital insulation test, and its highest testing voltage can be up to 10kv. It is widely applied for the maintenance of substation and power station. GD3126B is suitable to measure IR(insulation resistance), AR(absorption ratio) and PI(polarity index) of various HV equipment, such as switchgear, transformer, reactor, capacitor, generator and cable.


  • Adopt digital process technology, with strong anti-interference ability and can do measurement under strong electromagnetic interference condition
  • Large volume, can meet the requirements of HV, high resistance and big load testing;
  • With quake-proof, damp-proof and dust-proof structure, can adjust to bad working condition;
  • Friendly and beautiful interface, testing results and data variation trend can be displayed accurately.
  • Perfect protection functions, can withstand short circuit and the surge of tested capacitor residual voltage.
  • Max. measuring range can be up to 10TΩ, and range can be converted automatically;
  • HV at each gear is adjustable from zero continuously;
  • Measure R15R60R600, and calculate absorption ratio & polarity index automatically
  • Measure environment temperature, air humidity and time automatically;
  • Display testing time, buzz every 15s, and will prompt to turn off without operation for 5mins.
  • After testing, it can leak HV automatically, and leakage time is less than 30S
  • Store 60 sets of testing results, and data can be kept for 20 years.
  • With RS232 serial interface, can communicate with computer;


Rated testing voltage

GD3126B 10KV

50V100V250 V500V1.0kV2.5kV5.0kV10.0kV

Error of output voltage


Resistance measuring range

Higher limit: 100GΩ 10TΩ

Lower limit: 0.1MΩ

Accuracy level

5.0 level

HV display error

±( 5%•Ux + 1d )

Error of temperature measurement


Measurement error of air humidity


Short circuit current

about 6mA

Voltage ripple


Insulation resistance

> 500 MΩ (between testing lead and main case)

Withstand voltage

AC10.0kV 50Hz 1min (between testing lead and main case)

Power supply

14.8V lithium battery

Service hour after charging

Service hour: 30 days, 10 times DAR test and 5 times PI test can be conducted every day.

Working temperature and humidity

0℃ ~ + 40℃ < 85%RH

Storage temperature and humidity

- 20℃ ~ + 50℃ < 90%RH


325 L ×250 W ×130 H


About 3.7kg



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