GD-2137L Cable faults detector

GD-2137L Cable faults detector

Main parts:

  • GD-2133M Cable fault tester(hereinafter referred to as host machine)
  • GD-2132T Cable path detector(hereinafter referred as to signal generator)

Technical index (M refers to host machine, T refers to signal generator, M&T refers to common features)

Distance measurement function(M):

  • Measuring modes: low voltage impulse, impulse current.
  • Sampling frequency:100MHz.
  • Resolution:low voltage impulse mode 1mimpulse current mode 4m.
  • Transmitting voltage under low voltage impulse mode:30V.
  • Measuring range:30km.
  • Non-detection zone:2m.

Acoustic-magnetic synchronous point location function(M):

  • Acoustical signal transmission bands: center frequency 400Hz, bandwidth 200Hz.
  • Signal gain:80dB.
  • Point location:0.1m.
  • Cable path detection function (M):
  • Received frequency :1kHz.
  • Signal gain:80dB.
  • Cable path detection signal generator (T):
  • Transmitting frequency:1kHz.
  • Transmitting power:≥3.5W.
  • Output characteristics:open circuit voltage ≥100Vp-p; short circuit voltage ≥300mAFull-automatic matching as per actual load; automatic short circuit protection

Power supply:

  • Battery (M&T): built-in Li-ion battery series, rated voltage 7.4V, capacity 3000mAH.
  • Power consumption:host machine (M)400mA,continuous service time >6 hourssignal generator (T)500mA. continuous service time >5 hours
  • Charger (M&T):input AC220V±10%,50Hzrated output 8.4V,DC1A.
  • Charge time (M&T):<4 hours.

Display mode:host machine (M)320×240 LCDsignal generator (T):gauge outfit.

Volume (M&T):270mm×220mm×80mm.

Mass:host machine (M)1.5kg signal generator (T)1.5kg.

Working condition (M&T): temperature:-10℃40℃,humidity 5-90RH,altitude <4500m.

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