Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester

Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester

Product introduction

GD6800 measures the capacitance and dielectric loss factor (tgδ) of high voltage electric equipment. It is integrated structure, built-in dielectric loss test bridge, variable frequency adjustable power supply, boosting transformer and SF6 standard capacitor. Test HV source is generated by anti-transformer inside instrument, which is boosted via transformer then is used for test object. Frequency can be changed into 50Hz, 47.5Hz52.5Hz, 45Hz55Hz, 60Hz, 57.5Hz62.5Hz, 55Hz65Hz.


  • 1. Touch LCD screen display.
  • 2. Massive data storage
  • 3. Scientific advanced data management
  • 4. Multiple testing mode, with modes of inside high voltage, outside high voltage, Inner standard, external standard, GST/UST, self-excitation. High voltage(more than 10kV) dielectric loss test can be made in the situation of external standard outside high voltage.
  • 5. Test full sealed CVT(Capacitive Voltage Transformer) C1 and C2 dielectric loss and capacitance at the same time. Also test CVT transformation ratio and voltage angle difference.
  • 6. No need to dismantle cable to measure dielectric loss and capacitance of CVT.
  • 7. The dielectric loss and capacitance value of C0 in the upper end of CVT can be measured by using the reverse shielding method.
  • 8. High speed sampling signal. Inverter and sampling circuit inside are digitized controlled. Output voltage is adjusted continuously.
  • 9. Multiple protection of input voltage fluctuation, output short circuit, over-voltage, over-current, temperature, secure and reliable. Meanwhile, it has the function of grounding testing, that voltage boost is not permitted for non-grounding equipment.

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