GDYB-D12 Single Phase Energy Meter Test System

GDYB-D12 Single Phase Energy Meter Test System

General introduction

GDYB-D series Single Phase Energy Meter Test System is used to measure various kinds of single phase meters of 0.1% and below. It has good appearance, complete functions and excellent performance.


  • High stabilityand reliability, which can provide strong output power, Voltage (current) loop can take load of any type.
  • Photoelectric sampler can realize three-dimensional adjustment. It can not only sample the turn-plate signal of the rotary meter but also receive the strobe signal of the electronic meter.
  • Superimposing2-21 harmonics in fundamental wave of power frequency, harmonic amplitude and phase can be set according to the requirement. Also harmonic analysis and drew waveform can be carried out the output.
  • PC software provides complete functions, such as report printing, quantity counting and assets maintaining.
  • Test multifunction meter’s communication function of the 485 port, demand error and clocking error (the meter must have time signal output)
  • Advanced automation. All test items are controlled by PC in one set.
  • Easy to use, both keyboard and PC operation are available.



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