GDCY Impulse Voltage Generator

GDCY Impulse Voltage Generator


GDCY series Impulse Voltage Generator can produce a wide range of voltage and energy to simulate waveform such as lightning impulse, lightning chopped wave, switching impulse, to carry out impulse test for high voltage power equipment. When using steep device, it can make steep wave test for insulators(insulator string).


  • Plate structure for adjustable wave resistor, non-inductive winding.
  • Spring pressure type for the connector, easy to plug when adjusting wave.
  • Trigger mode of three-gaps ball discharge, to ensure the reliability of the trigger.
  • Unified connector is used for connecting rod of the main body, easy connection.
  • Full wave and chopped wave are electronic circuit, to adjust delaying ignition triggering.
  • Optical fiber isolated ethernet port communication between the computer control system and the main body.


Impulse voltage


Standard lightning wave


Peak oscillation


Standard switching wave


Wave front time of oscillating lightning wave


Wave front time of oscillating switching wave and front time of oscillating switching impulse wave


Min. output voltage


Instability of charging voltage


Synchronizing range


Synchronous discharge error rate


Ignition range


Working time

≥70%UN Discontinuous work (charge-discharge 300s/time)

<70%nn Continuous work (charge-discharge 120s/time)

Generator efficiency, lightning wave (no load)


Chopping time




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