GDHL-200 Contact Resistance Tester

GDHL-200 Contact Resistance Tester

I. General Information

GDHL-200 Contact Resistance Tester is designed to measure contact resistance of high, middle and low voltage circuit breakers, high,middle and low voltage disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable&welding joints and etc. It is suitable for high current, micro ohm measurement.

II. Features

  • Output high-current continuously.
  •  Four fixed current output, 25A,50A,100A,200A.The value can be customized before placing order.
  •  Two test modes: Routine test and Switch Resistance Test.
  •  Test time can be user-defined.
  •  High speed thermal printer.
  •  User-friendly. Resistance, current, voltage, time, status and notes can be displayed. Safety and high intelligence.
  •  Data storage and history data browsing functions, 256 sets of data can be saved.
  •  The number of test sample and operator can be set, easy to classify the test results.
  •  History data and switch resistance value can be inquired.
  •  Large measuring range, up to 80mΩ.
  •  Ambient and internal temperature can be displayed to protect the instrument.
  •  Standard resistance value is set, to calculate the error and compare the test resistance value with standard value.
  •  RS232 interface.(Optional)
  •  Portable design, easy to carry.

III. Specification

 Input voltage: AC220V±10%, 60HZ ± 2%

 Working temperature: -10~+50℃

 Testing temperature: +15~+25℃

 Storage temperature: -20℃~70℃

 Relative Humidity: ≤85%RH

 Cooling by air

 Ingress Protection Rating: IP67

 Insulation performance: >20MΩ to ground

 Overall dimension: 365*165*310mm

 Weight: 8kg (exclude cables bag)



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