Portable Primary Current Injection Test Set

Portable Primary Current Injection Test Set


GDSL-BX Primary Current Injection Test Set, is mainly used for testing current transformer, motor protector, air switch, switch cabinet, circuit breaker, protection screen and etc.


  • Quick connects, lock design, good current-through capability.
  • Current range can be changed, easy to read.
  • PVC panel, simple and neat.
  • Zero start function to prevent the test objects from damage caused by high current impulse. The equipment only can be started from zero.
  • Impulse selection function. The required current can be output directly without zero protection function when making quick-break testing for circuit breaker.
  • Accurate measurement. LCD digital indicator to display output current and voltage. The resolution of output current is 1A .
  • Synchronously measure the action time of equipment.
  • Engineering plastics box, dust-proof and waterproof, IP67 class.
  • Directly display primary current and secondary current, convenient for CT/PT turn ratios calibration test. (Optional)


Model No.



Output power


Output current

500A in series,1000A in parallel.

Output voltage

6V in series, 3V in parallel.

Secondary injection current



Timing range


0.001s-999.999s, resolution 1ms, error 0.005%


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