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GDZRS-20A Winding Resistance Tester(Three-phase)

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General Information

GDZRS series Winding DC resistance tester is optimal designed for measuring three phase winding DC resistance of big capacity transformer. It can test three phase winding DC resistances at the same time.


  • For on-load variable transformer,no need to discharge,just adjust tap switch directly;
  • The measurement time is 1/3 of tradition single phase measurement,that working time and labor intensity is shorten;
  • Big screen LCD display,clear and visual,easy operation;
  • Built-in panel printer and big capacity memory, easy to get printing result and convenient to storage data;
  • Stable data,fast testing and good repeatability,suitable for transformer DC resistance on-site measurement.



Single phase:1A 5A 10A 20A 40A

Three phase:1A 5A 10A 20A


Single phase: 1A 10mΩ20Ω 5A 1mΩ

10A 1mΩ2Ω 20A 1mΩ

40A 1mΩ0.5Ω

Three phase: 1A 10mΩ6Ω (per phase)

5A 1mΩ1Ω(per phase)

10A 1mΩ0.6Ω(per phase) 20A 1mΩ0.3Ω(per phase)


±0.2%(full range)



Data saving capacity

150 group

Power supply

AC 220V±22V50Hz±2 Hz

Working environment

Environment temperature: 0-40 Relative humidity: ≤80%



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