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GDOT Automatic Insulation Oil Tester (80/100kV)

Insulating Oil Dielectric Tester
  • Insulating Oil Dielectric Tester

General Information

GDOT Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester is adopted industrial single plate integrated circuit, new-style I/O jack, with unique inspection and anti-interference technology to greatly improve its reliability and functionality.


  • Easy operation,high automation. (only press button once and all work done automatically)
  • Menu management, data input simple and convenient.
  • Store 99 data of oil sampling tests for review and print. The test data can be saved even the power is off.
  • The clock is still on after power off. (The internal time of the system just for test reference, not for standard time)
  • Strong anti-interference, high precision testing.
  • Small measurement, light weight, convenient for outdoor operation.
  • The software can be upgraded through RS232 terminal.(Optional)

Technical parameters

Power supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Output voltage

80/100 kV


2.0 kVA

Speed of voltage increase

about 2 k V/ s

Voltage inspection accuracy

1 %

Breakdown sensitivity

< 0.1 kV

Waveform distortion

≤ 1 %

Breakdown response time

≤ 10 ms

Storage environment

Temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃

Humidity: Max. relative humidity 85%

Storage environment

Temperature: - 20 ℃ - 60 ℃

Humidity: Max. relative humidity 75%


<1500m (if over 1500m, it can be customized)




45kg(N.W.) (100kV)



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