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Oil Test Equipment
  • GDW-102 Oil Dew Point Tester
    Oil Dew Point Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture the measured sample contains.The technology is widely used for accuracy and cheap test cost. It measures precisely trace moisture on liquid ,solid and gas samples according to the technology. It’s used in electricity, petroleum, chemicals, foods and so on.   more
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  • GDW-106 Oil Dew Point Tester
    Oil Dew Point Tester uses Coulometric Karl Fischer titrators for Coulometric water determination. This instrument uses powerful new generation processing units and brand new peripheral circuit and that the superior low power consumption make it capable to use small size storage battery and portable...   more
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  • GDSZ-402 Oil Acid Tester
    Oil Acid Tester is produced accoring to standard GB/T264-83, is designed for testing acid value for transformer oil, turbine oil etc. PC control system can improve the work efficiency and reduce the harm in organic solvents and chemicals to human body.    more
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  • GDZL-503 Automatic Tension Tester
    GDZL-503 automatic tension tester tests kinds of liquid surface tension and interface tension according to ring method which is simple and accurate. It is widely used in electric, petroleum, chemical,medicine, food and teaching filed.   more
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  • GDZD-601 Multi-Function Shaker
    Multi-Function Shaker is used in laboratory to heat, shake, degas various kinds of liquid under constant temperature and a fixed time. It is controlled by mico-computer to realize man-machine interaction.    more
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  • GDBS-305 Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
    GDBS-305 Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is testing closed cup flash point for petroleum products. It widely used in the field of railway, air company, power, petroleum and research department.   more
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