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GDJB-1200 Protection Relay Tester

Protection Microcomputer Test System
  • Protection Microcomputer Test System

General Information:

Relay Protection microcomputer test device play a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely.It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection,relay protection,excitation measurement,fault recorder.


  • Embedded host machine, equipped with big programmed CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Device);
  • 12channels D/A output simultaneously in a single machine;
  • High precise linear power amplifier,6 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs.
  • 8inch LCD screen display.Provide with keyboard/mouse connecting port,also 2USB port,2 RS232 port,to communicate with PC and other communication devices;
  • Easy to carry,suitable for flexible testing and wild working;
  • Intelligent self-protection;
  • 8channels switching value input and 4channels switching value output.Input contact is idle contact and 0-250V potential contact for selectable,intelligent identification;
  • Plentiful Binary and powerful software function;
  • Two groups of DC power supply, 110VDC/1.0A&220VDC/0.6A,no need to set and adjust by software(Optional).

Technical Parameters

Rated output

Frequency error <±0.01Hz

Phase error <±0. 2°

Waveform distortion <±0.3% (fundamental wave)

Time error <40µs

Output frequency 0~1050Hz

Power voltage

Allowable range AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%

Ambient temperature

Use range 0~45

Storage range -25~70

Time measurement

Test range  0.1ms~999999.999s

Cabinet dimension

360mm(L)×195mm(W) ×375mm(H)

Cabinet weight

Host machine   16.6kg



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