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GDKC-6A Circuit Breaker Tester

High Voltage Circuit Breaker Tester
  • High Voltage Circuit Breaker Tester
  • High Voltage Circuit Breaker Tester

General introduction

GDKC-6A Circuit Breaker Tester is used to test the dynamic characteristics of high voltage and low voltage circuit breaker. It has features easier operation and higher accuracy comparing to traditional device.


  • 5.7inch touch screen.
  • Thermal printer.
  • 6 channels contacts,1channel velocity test
  • Test 1channel current of CLOSE/OPEN coil.
  • In Routine test, CLOSE-OPEN time, bounce Time, synchronization time can be tested.Also CLOSE-OPEN velocity, Max.velocity, average velocity, stoke distance, over-travel, total travel can be measured.
  • In reclosing test, OPEN-CLOSE,CLOSE-OPEN,OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN time can be tested.
  • In Low-voltage test, Voltage Operate value of CLOSE-OPEN coil can be tested. Power supply voltage can be adjusted continuously.
  • Three kinds of CLOSE-OPEN control modes.
  • Internal Control. Inner power supply will supply DC voltage with CLOSE-OPEN coil.
    External Control. External power supply will supply AC voltage with CLOSE-OPEN coil.
    Idle contact Control. Built-in 2channels passive idle contacts.
  • Contact status-Time curve, Travel-Time(S-t) curve, Coil current-Time(I-t) curve can be recorded. It is convenient to determine fault of circuit breaker.
  • USB interface for connecting with PC.
  • EXCEL format data can be exported.
  • With dustproof and waterproof sealed plastic carry case.


  • Maximum Velocity: 20m/s, Resolution: 0.01m / s; Accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.05.
  • Travel measurement
  • Test range of Travel: 6mm-280mm.(6-700mm for optional)
    Min. resolution of Travel: 0.1mm; accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.1mm.
  • Time measurement
  • Time Range: 10ms ~ 15s.
  • Time resolution: 0.1ms; time test accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.2ms.
    Test channels: 8 channels including 6 channels contact, 1 channel velocity, 1 channel coil current.
  • Resolution of 3phase synchronization:0.1ms; Test Accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.1ms.
  • Coil operation
  • 1channel(OPEN/CLOSE coil)
    270V DC max, 20A DC max.
  • Breaker operation: Close (C),
    Open (O),
    Close-Open (C-O),
    Open-Close (O-C),
    Open-Close-Open (O-C-O)
    User can select any desired test.
  • Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50/60Hz ± 1Hz.
  • Operating power supply output: DC voltage 16V-270V adjustable, current 20A, digital program-controlled adjustment,continuous working time 3s.



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