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    GD-2138 Cable Fault Locating System (All-in-one) hits:

    Product Description

    The System Includes:

    • GD-2138 Mainframe.
    • GD-2132R Receiver.
    • RF Inductive Tracking Rod.
    • Potential Difference Locating Rack with 2 pins.
    • AF Stethoscope and Headphones (for Listening mode).
    • Grounding Pin.

    GD-2138 Cable Fault Locating System Is Movable Cable Fault Detection Device Which Is Applicable For Various Types Of Power Cable, Communication Cables. It Can Accurately Measure The Distance Of Cable Fault And Locate The Fault Point.


    • Large LCD display, easy to operate.
    • Directly detect high resistance fault, without burning.
    • Display the direct or relative distance between testing and fault points.
    • Auto search along the wave for inflexion, easy to measure fault distance.
    • Waveform Comparison Method helps to detect puzzling fault.
    • Wave velocity of test cable can be calibrated.
    • Test data and wave can be saved, viewed and printed.


    • Power supply: AC220V and Built-in Chargeable Battery
    • Fault Distance: Max. 32km
    • Resolution: 1m
    • Fade Zone: 1m
    • Impulse Voltage: 0~15kV (35kV is extensible)
    • Rated energy: 900J (2450J base on 35kV)
    • Ambient Temperature: 0~40oC
    • Ambient Humidity: <80% RH
    • Dimension: 750×570×1200mm
    • Weight: 120kg.
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