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    GD2000D Insulation Resistance Tester hits:

    Product Description

    This device can test insulation resistance (such as transformer, switchgear, lead, motor) of different modules in one system, to insulate and repair failure components.

    It is important to ensure products quality and security of person and equipments during operation by insulation test of checking test object to ground or adjacent conductors insulation.

    Before power on the system, using insulation test to verify if it is good to improve system performance. Insulation test is to find manufacturing process problems and equipment fault which can not be found before failure happened.In EU,this test is compulsory,even to civil system.


    • Voltage output GD2000D(250V/500V/1000V/2500V/5000V).Resistance range 0-200GΩ.
    • Two modes display insulation resistance.
    • Auto-calculating absorptance and polarization index.
    • Friendly operation, continuous saving 19times measurement results.
    • Auto-discharge residual high voltage after test is over.
    • AC/DC power supply, with rechargeable battery or AC adapter.
    • Strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable reading.
    • Portable design, suitable for wild work.
    • Short-circuit current ≥3mA, ideal equipment for testing insulation resistance of Large transformer, inductor, generator, HV motors, electric capacitor, cables and surge arrester.


    Output voltage: 250V DC, 500V DC, 1000V DC, 2500V DC, 5000V DC


    Item No. GD2000D

    250V DC 500V DC 1000V DC 2500V DC 5000V DC
    Accuracy Temperature 23℃±5℃
    Insulation resistance 250 - 5G ±5 % 50 - 10G ±5 % 1M - 20G ±5 % 2.5M - 50G ±5 % 5M - 100G ±5 %
    Other range: ±10 %
    Output voltage 2M - 10G ±5 % 4M - 20G ±5 % 8M - 40G 0 -- +10 % 20 - 100GΩ 0 -- +10 % 40 - 200G 0 -- +10 %
    short-circuit current ≥3.5 mA
    Power supply AA type high capacity rechargeable battery & external adapter
    Working Temp.&Humidity -10℃ -- 40℃,max.relative humidity 85 %
    Storage Temp.&Humidity -20℃ -- 60℃,max.relative humidity 90 %
    Insulation Max.20000MΩ when voltage between circuit and shell is 1000VDC.
    Withstand voltage Withstand 1min when voltage between circuit and shell is 2500V AC voltage
    Dimension 230mm*190mm*90mm (L*W*H)
    Weight 3kg
    Accessories Test leads, manual, rechargeable adapter, power cable, test report

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