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    GDWG-V SF6 Gas Quantitative Leakage Detector hits:

    Product Description

    Main application

    GIS composite apparatus

    SF6 Circuit breaker, switch cabinet

    SF6 Related electrical equipment.


    • Non radioaction materials, easy to storage and transportation.
    • Few maintenance ( 1 time per 5 years), and no wear parts.
    • Free from the restrain of humidity content.
    • Used for particle filter of sensor protection.
    • Free from the restrain of pollutant.
    • Response time of internal pump only 1 second.   
    • No need consumable.
    • High sensitivity which can detect SF6 gas drops to 1 ppmv in the air.


    • Measuring principle: Double waves non-dispersive infrared spectrometer
    • Measuring method: Automatic air exhaust and sampling
    • Measuring range: 0~1500ppm SF6
    • Sensitivity: 1ppm
    • Repeatability: 0.3%
    • Response time: 1s
    • Accuracy: 0.5ppm
    • Storage temperature: -40~+70℃
    • Operating environment: Temperature:-10~+60
    • Relative humidity: 90%RH
    • Sampling mode: Built-in electromagnetic diaphragm pump, automatic suction.
    • Sound-light alarm.
    • Operation voltage: 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz. AC/DC dual purpose.  Continuous working several hours.
    • Weight: Control unit: 2.5kg. Probe: 0.5kg.

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