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    Insulator Mandril Leakage Current Test Set hits:

    Product Description

    This product is used for measuring AC withstand test and AC leakage current of insulation mandril. It is composed of control unit and high voltage electrode.


    • Operation is simple and convenient.
    • High accuracy of leakage current.
    • The instrument is equipped with special electrode platform.
    • Adopts 3½ digital meter.
    • Over-current protection and sound and light alarm.
    • Specially designed for AC withstand voltage test of Insulation mandrel sample.
    • The instrument is small size and light weight, convenient to carry.
    • The excellent software and hardware anti-interference design.
    • A variety of anti-interference methods, to adapt to the harsh electromagnetic environment.


    • Capacity: 2kVA.
    • Input voltage: 220V.
    • Rated input current: 9.1A.
    • Max. Output voltage: 20kV.
    • Rated output current: 2.000mA.
    • Resolution: 1uA.
    • Max. Open distance of electrode: 50mm.
    • Max. Diameter of electrode: 150mm.
    • Inherent leakage current: 0.7mA/20kV(Basic linear).
    • Weight: Control unit --- 18kg; HV electrode ---
    • Dimension: Control unit --- 440mm (L)*340mm (W)*240mm (H);
    • HV electrode--- 380mm (L)*380mm (W)*960mm (H);
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