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    GDYM-1A Single Phase Electric Energy Meter Calibrator hits:

    Product Description

    GDYM-1A Single phase Electric Energy Meter Calibrator is multi-parameter measuring instrument which is full digital, mullti-function and high precision. It is not only enable to calibrating the error, but also to measure voltage, current effective value, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power frequency, power factor, phase relationship, etc. It is especially suitable for calibrating the measurement accuracy of Single-phase electric energy meter in the power supply unit.


    Simple and quick operation, all operating procedures are displayed on the screen.


    • To calibrate the electric energy meter of measuring system and measure the low voltage ratio.
    • Using latest 32 bit 150MHz DPS core technology, 16 bit high precision converter, the error is more stable and accuracy is higher (this has qualitative difference with single-phase calibrator with meter chip).
    • Large colorful LCD screen, displays calibrating setting parameters, harmonic, electrical parameters, error and all measuring data dynamically.
    • Current clamp is used to simulate current generated by load, which simplified the field working and improved the work efficiency. The current of the terminal and the clamp as well as their power and power sum will be displayed at the same time.
    • Using a 500A clamp and a small current clamp to measure the ratio of low voltage CT.
    • Measure harmonic data from 2-43 times, current and voltage will real-time display each waveform, which helps to judge the on-site state.
    • Calculating the constant of energy meter in one electric energy pulse period.
    • Save data for 1000 meters.
    • Connect with PC by RS232 series communication interface.
    • With a low frequency pulse output, convenient for self-checking and inspection.


    Special Features

    • The calibrator will alarm by sound and light when supplying 380V to voltage test line.
    • When the simulation load current line is wrong connected to the neutral line of the meter, the first automatic protection will not output current. When making the fault connection again, the secondary protective fuse will be burn out, which applies absolutely protection. The calibrator will recover after replacing the fuse.
    • The fuse will be burn out when the impulse line hit 220V, the calibrator will recover after replacing the fuse.


    Measurement Range





    Simulation Current



    Current Clamp

    100A, 500A

    ±0.3%, ±0.5%

    Current Terminal

    0.05-10 A



    Current Clamp

    100A, 500A

    ±0.3%, ± 0.5%




    Phase Angle






    Electric Energy

    100A Clamp(small)


    ±0.3%, ±0.5%

    500A Clamp



    Display Range

    100A Current Clamp: 0.01A-110A

    Terminal: 0.01A-10A

    Electric Energy Pulse

    FL=1000 imp/kW.h

    Working Voltage

    AC 100 - 300 V

    Working Temperature


    Working Humidity

    <95% No condensation





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