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    GDE6000M 3-phase Power Quality Analyzer hits:

    Product Description

    GDE6000M Handheld Power Quality Analyzer is suitable to analyze power quality for power plant, power transmission line, distribution facility, facilities of industrial electricity, railway electric circuit. It can measure voltage, current, harmonic, inter-harmonic, harmonic group, higher harmonic, fluctuation, flickering, power, power factor, active and reactive, apparent power. Abnormal conditions such as impulse current/voltage increase or decrease, frequency abnormal, 3-phase unbalance, transient over-voltage, short time interruption can be checked quickly.  



    Measurement function

    • Frequency: 25.6kHz sampling rate from 1 waveform.
    • 1/2 voltage effective value, 1/2 current effective value: directly calculate effective value of half-wave.
    • Voltage increasing, decreasing and instantaneous interruption: detection at 1/2 of voltage effective value.
    • Impulse current: detection at current 1/2 effective value.
    • Voltage waveform comparison: automatic generation the waveform and compare.
    • Instantaneous flickering value: accorded with IEC61000-4-15.
    • Frequency: 42.5-57.5Hz from 10th waveform.
    • Voltage waveform peak, current waveform peak.
    • Voltage, current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, active accumulation power, reactive accumulation power, power factor, displacement power factor, voltage unbalance degree, current unbalance degree.
    • Higher harmonic (Voltage/Current): 2k-9kHz band.
    • Harmonic(voltage/current), harmonic power: the 1st to 50th.
    • Total harmonic distortion rate(voltage/current)
    • Inter-harmonic(voltage/current): the 0st to 49th.
    • IEC flickering (short/long), fluctuation, fluctuation max. Value.
    • Voltage transient increasing, voltage transient decreasing, voltage short-time interruption, impulse current
    • Distortion rate out-of-limit of voltage/current total harmonic, contain rate out-of-limit of voltage odd-even times harmonic, effective value out-of-limit of current 2nd-25th Harmonic, voltage unbalance out-of-limit, short flickering out-of-limit, long flickering out-of-limit, voltage interruption for long time, frequency out-of-limit, voltage upper out-of- limit, voltage lower out-of-limit.
    • Record time: timing record, 461pcs results. The maximum duration or record is more than 30days. (8G capacity).
    • Wave recording function: waveform record 512 points each week. Support 1-10mins waveform recording function.


    Main Specifications

    • Connection mode: Single phase 2wires/two-phase 3wires/three-phase 3wires/three-phase 4wires
    • Voltage range: 1000Vrms
    • Current range: AC 5A-6kA
    • Basic accuracy:

    Voltage  ± 0.1% nominal value

    Current  ± 0.1% of the reading + current clamp accuracy

    Power (active, reactive, apparent): ± 0.5% of the reading.

    Frequency  ±0.001Hz

    Voltage unbalance rate  ±0.2% of the reading.

    Voltage transient increasing, decreasing, short-time interruption  ±0.1% of the reading

    Power factor  ±1% of the reading

    Fluctuation   ±1% of the reading

    Flickering    ±5% of the reading

    Impulse current  ±0.1% of the reading

    Harmonic     accorded with IEC61000-4-7

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