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    GDPQ-300E Power Quality Analyzer hits:

    Product Description

    GDPQ-300E Power Quality Analyzer is a portable device of testing and analyzing power system operation quality. It monitors and collects data in long running time, also provides harmonic analysis and power quality analysis. Meanwhile, it equips with data analysis software, by which the measure data can be uploaded to PC.   



    • ARM and DSP, 16M byte memory.  
    • Touch screen, more easy and convenient.
    • Data measure and saving, can be uploaded to PC.
    • Module structure, reasonable design and reliable operation.
    • Easy and convenient software upgrading. 
    • Detailed analysis of measure data by power quality data analysis software in PC.


    Basic functions 


    Meter detection functions 






    Measure three phase voltage, zero line voltage, three phase current, zero line current, frequency.


    Harmonic wave measure

    Measure up to 50times harmonic wave, results include every time harmonic wave voltage, current amplitude, total distortion rate of voltage harmonic wave, every times voltage harmonic ratio/current harmonic ratio, harmonic frequency spectrogram display.


    Power measure

    Measure three phase apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor, three phase electric energy.


    Three phase unbalance measure

    Measure three phase voltage unbalance, positive sequence, negative sequence, zero sequence voltage; three phase current unbalance and positive sequence, negative sequence, zero sequence current; voltage vector and current vector display.




    Surge current


    Record up to 40pcs surge current events.



    Fluctuation, short time flicker, long time flicker measurement



    Record voltage dips and swells, up to 40pcs events.


    Monitoring record

    Long time record basic(stable)power energy quality parameters, record time interval from 3secs to 30mins adjustable.


    Digital oscilloscope

    Check voltage/current signal wave form


    Each accuracy index for detection functions


    Measure range

    Measure accuracy




    Three phase voltage :  10-700V(effective value)

    Three phase current : 0.5-1000A(effective value,1000A current sensor for optional)

    Zero line current : 0.5-10A (effective value)

    Frequency: 40-70Hz

    Voltage: ±0.5%

    Current: ±0.5%

    Frequency: reading±0.01Hz


    Here,we use A phase voltage frequency as measure frequency

    Harmonic wave measure

    Voltage harmonic: total harmonic 1-50times harmonic wave.

    Current harmonic: total harmonic 1-50times harmonic wave.

    Voltage harmonic wave: ±0.1(%r)

    Current harmonic wave: ±0.05(A)


    Frequency measure

    Active power: 0.05-700kW

    Apparent power: 0.05-700kVA

    Reactive power: 0.05-700kVAR

    Active power energy: 0.01-10000kWh

    Apparent power energy: 0.01-10000kVAh

    Reactive power energy: 0.01-10000kVARh

    Average power factor: 0.00-1.00

    Apparent: reading±50VA

    Reactive: reading ±50VAR

    Power factor: reading±0.005

    Active power energy: reading±0.05kWh

    Apparent power energy: reading±0.1kVAh

    Reactive power energy: reading±0.1kVARh

    Average power factor: reading±0.005


    Three phase unbalance

    Fundamental voltage: 10-700V(effective value)

    Fundamental current: 0.5-1000A(effective value)

    Fundamental frequency: 40-70Hz

    Phase angle: 0-360degree

    Unbalance: 0.0%-100%

    Voltage: 0.5%

    Current: 0.5%

    Frequency: reading±0.01Hz

    Phase angle: reading±0.3degree

    Voltage unbalance: reading±0.2%

    Current unbalance: reading±1%

    Here,we use A phase voltage frequency as total measurement frequency


    Monitoring record

    Record parameters include three phase voltage, three phase current, zero line current, voltage harmonic wave(total harmonic+1-25 times harmonic), current harmonic wave(total harmonic+1-25 times harmonic), three phase unbalance, active power, power factor, fluctuation, flicker

    Same as above items

    Monitoring time up to 960hours

    Dips and swells

    Voltage dips and swells and temporary outage


    Record up to 40pcs events


    Voltage fluctuation quantity: 0.1%-10.0%

    Measure error: ≤±5%



    Short time flicker, long time flicker

    Short time flicker measurement error: ≤±5%


    Digital oscilloscope

    Three phase voltage, three phase current, zero line voltage and zero line current instant wave form

    Max.sampling frequency: 200kHz

    Min.sampling frequency: 100Hz



    Other technical parameters

    •  Voltage signal input loop:

    Direct access,input impedance: 1MΩ, 20pF

    Measure range: voltage effective value 10-700V

    Peak voltage: 1000V

    Power consumption: less than 0.5VA/phase

    • Current input loop:

    Indirect access

    Measure range: Current effective value 1A,5A,10A,100A,1000A (select corresponding current sensor)

    Surge current: 1000A (select 1000A current sensor)

    Power consumption: Less than 2.0VA/phase

    • Measure signal frequency range: 40Hz-70Hz
    • Display screen: 320*240 color LCD with touch screen
    • Memory storage: 16M byte FLASH
    • Outside storage port: USA( plug in USB disk)
    • Working power supply: Rechargeable Li-battery,5-6hours working time for full charge
    • Power supply: AC100-240V/DC 16.8V-1A power adapter/charger

    Address: F/10, Block B7, JinYinTan Modern Enterprise City, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, China
    Email: info@hvhipot.com
    Skype: hvhipot@hotmail.com
    Tel: +86-27-85568138
    Fax: +86-27-65606183
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