GDOT-100A 100kV Digital Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester-Oil Breakdown Tester 

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    GDOT-100A 100kV Digital Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester hits:

    Product Description

    GDOT Insulation Oil Breaker Tester Is Fully Digital Industrial Instrument With Microcomputer Control. It Has The Features Of High Accuracy And Strong Anti-Interference Ability.


    1. LCD screen display.
    2. Single-chip control, stable and reliable.
    3. No system halted condition.
    4. The oil cup is made by special glass with one-time moulding by casting. No leakage.
    5. Over-current and over-voltage, short circuit protection functions, with strong anti-interference ability.
    6. Easy to carry and move.


    1. Capacity: 1.5kVA
    2. Increasing speed: 2.0kV/s, 2.5kV/s, 3.0kV/s, 5.0kV/s, four ranges to be selected
    3. Output voltage: 0-100kV
    4. Voltage resolution: 0.1kV
    5. Power supply distortion rate: <1%
    6. Electrode gap: 2.5mm
    7. Dimension: 409*393*388mm
    8. Weight: about 29kg.

    Use Condition

    1. Environmental temperature: 0-40℃
    2. Relative humidity: ≤85%
    3. Power supply: AC220V±10%
    4. Frequency: 50±5Hz
    5. Power consumption: <200W

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