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    GDKC-6A Circuit Breaker Analyzer hits:

    Product Description

    GDKC-6A Circuit Breaker Tester is used to test the dynamic characteristics of high voltage and low voltage circuit breaker. It has features of easier operation and higher accuracy comparing to traditional device.


    • 5.7inch touch screen.
    • Thermal printer.
    • 6 channels contacts,1channel velocity test
    • Test 1channel current of CLOSE/OPEN coil.
    • In Routine test, CLOSE-OPEN time, bounce Time, synchronization time can be tested.Also CLOSE-OPEN velocity, Max.velocity, average velocity, stoke distance, over-travel, total travel can be measured.
    • In reclosing test, OPEN-CLOSE,CLOSE-OPEN,OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN time can be tested.
    • In Low-voltage test, Voltage Operate value of CLOSE-OPEN coil can be tested. Power supply voltage can be adjusted continuously.
    • Three kinds of CLOSE-OPEN control modes.

                Internal Control. Inner power supply will supply DC voltage with CLOSE-OPEN coil.
                External Control. External power supply will supply AC voltage with CLOSE-OPEN coil.
                Idle contact Control. Built-in 2channels passive idle contacts.

    • Contact status-Time curve, Travel-Time(S-t) curve, Coil current-Time(I-t) curve can be recorded. It is convenient to determine fault of circuit breaker.
    • USB interface for connecting with PC.
    • EXCEL format data can be exported.
    • With dustproof and waterproof sealed plastic carry case.


    • Maximum Velocity: 20m/s, Resolution: 0.01m / s; Accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.05.
    • Travel measurement
    • Test range of Travel: 6mm-280mm.(6-700mm for optional)

                Min. resolution of Travel: 0.1mm; accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.1mm.

    • Time measurement
    • Time Range: 10ms ~ 15s.

                 Time resolution: 0.1ms; time test accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.2ms.
                 Test channels: 8 channels including 6 channels contact, 1 channel velocity, 1 channel coil current.

    • Resolution of 3phase synchronization:0.1ms; Test Accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.1ms.
    • Coil operation

                 1channel(OPEN/CLOSE coil)
                 270V DC max, 20A DC max.

    • Breaker operation

               Close (C), 
               Open (O), 
               Close-Open (C-O), 
               Open-Close (O-C), 
               Open-Close-Open (O-C-O) 
              User can select any desired test.

    • Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50/60Hz ± 1Hz.
    • Operating power supply output: DC voltage 16V-270V adjustable, current 20A, digital program-controlled adjustment,continuous working time 3s.

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