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    GDYB-S20 Three Phase Energy Meter Test System hits:

    Product Description

    GDYB series Three Equal Potential Multi-function Electric Energy Meter Test System is well-developed third generation electronic programmable three phase electric energy meter multifunctional test system according to the latest national standards and regulations. Adopts insulated 0.01% high precision 1:1 current transformer technology, to achieve test of voltage inner connected shunt three phase meter; It is suitable for testing of various three phase electric energy meter of 0.2% and below (includes sinusoidal reactive power meter). It has good appearance, complete functions and excellent performance .


    System Reference Standard

    • GB/T 11150-2001 Electric energy meter test system
    • JJG 307-2006 AC electric energy meter (watt-hour meter) calibration procedures
    • JJG 596-1999 Electronic energy meter calibration procedures
    • JJG  597-2005 AC electric energy meter calibration system
    • JJG 596-1999 Electronic energy meter
    • DL/T 614-1997 Multi-functional electric energy meter
    • DL/T 614-2007 Multi-functional electric energy meter
    • Q/HSB 01-2007 Electric energy meter test system

    Technical Condition

    • Environmental condition

    Operating environmental temperature: 23℃±2℃;

    Operating environmental humidity: 45~75;

    • Power supply

    Single phase: AC220V±33V; Frequency: 50±2.5Hz


    Technical Specification

    • Type No.: GDYB-S20 Three Phase Electric Energy Meter Test System;
    • System accuracy: 0.05%; 0.1%;

    Standard meter accuracy: 0.05% Three phase multi-functional standard meter;

    • Voltage & Current measuring range:

    Output voltage step: 57.7V/100V/220V/380V;

    Output current step: 0.005A, 0.025A, 0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A;

    Minimum Output current: 1mA; accuracy: ≤5%;

    • Output load capacity (20 meters)

    Voltage output: 800VA;

    Current output: 2500VA;

    • Voltage & current adjustment

    Adjustable range: (0%~120%) x measuring range;

    Adjustable fineness: 10%, 1%, 0.1%, 0.01%;

    • Phase adjustment:

    Adjustable range: 0°~360°;

    Adjustable fineness: 10°, 1°, 0.1°, 0.01°;

    • Frequency adjustment:

    Adjustable range: 45Hz~65Hz;

    Adjustable fineness: 1Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.01Hz;

    • Output power stability: ≤0.05%/120S;
    • Output voltage & current distortion:

    Voltage: ≤0.5%;

    Current: ≤0.5%;

    • Harmonic settings:

    Harmonic number: 2~21 times;

    Harmonic content: current 2~21 times ≤40% (relative to fundamental wave);

                     voltage 2~21 times ≤40% (relative to fundamental wave);

    • Harmonic phase: 0°~359.99°;
    • Monitoring instrument:

    Standard meter display accuracy: Voltage: 0.01%;

                                                         Current: 0.01%;

                                                         Power: 0.01%;

                                                         Phase: 0.01;

                                                         Frequency: 0.01;

    • Insulated 1:1 current transformer parameter:

    Accuracy: 0.01%;

    Output power: 60VA;

    Current measuring range: 1mA~120A (1:1);

    • Main performance index

    a) Accuracy: 0.01% (COS=0.5C10.5L);

    b) Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±5%;

    c) Primary current: 3×0.001-120A;

    d) Secondary current: 3×0.001-120A;

    e) Output load (each phase):

    0.5W (output range: 0.001-1A);

    0.7V divided by current value (output range: 1-120A);

    f) Output load voltage: Max. 0.5V (output current Max. 120A);

    Current transformer dimension: 265 x 200 x 240 mm (L x W x H);

    • Weight: 12kg;
    • Dimension:

    Control source: 610 x 800 x 1920mm (L x W x H);

    Meter rack: 2350 x 750 x 1850mm (L x W x H); 

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