Philippine customers invite HV Hipot for commissioning 

    Philippine customers invite HV Hipot for commissioning


    On 16 March, 2016, our Philippine customer invited us to test a batch of equipment. These devices are oil testing equipment(80kV),oil chromatographic analyzer, single phase relay protection tester, manual AC hipot test set (digital) with oil transformer, Primary Current Injection Test Set, and three phase transformer turns ratio tester.

    GDJB-II is single phase relay test set. It uses the latest power technology for its internal AC&DC voltage and current sources, and this equipment reached advanced domestic level in circuit design, component selection, panel layout, and the design of the internal structure.

    During the commissioning, our engineers considered about the different standard between the two countries, they have test the equipment under the US standard and domestic standard. After a detailed comparison, we found that our equipment can also detect variety gases which dissolved in oil, that is to say there is no difference for our equipment and US equipment.

    All the problems are solved by our engineers, and we have got a satisfactory answer from our Philippine customers.

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