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    GDWS-II SF6 Gas Dew Point Tester hits:

    Product Description

    GDWS-II SF6 Gas Dew Point Tester is ideal device for controlling dry point in the low dew point and industrial environment. It has chemical purge options and can accurately measure in high concentrations of chemicals and cleaner environment..To ensure accurate measurement between each check interval. This function can be proceeded on the on-line and also perform regularly according to the preset time interval.

    Application: Industrial gas humidity detection, such as Air, CO2, N2, H2, O2, SF6, He, Ar and some inert gases.


    • Color LCD display.
    • Zero point calibration, with curve correction.
    • Fast measurement speed.
    • Easy operation, portable to carry.
    • Good repeat-ability and fast response speed.
    • Temperature compensation function.
    • AC/DC power supply, with over-charge and over-discharge protection.


    • Power Supply: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz, AC/DC use, over-charge protection, continuous working is no lower than 5 hours.
    • Measuring Range: dew point -80~+20℃(ppmv)
    • Dew point accuracy: ±2℃(dew point temperature is lower than 0℃, sensor output as the frost point),
    • Response time: 63%[90%], +20→-20℃ Td 5s[45s], -20→-60℃ Td 10s[240s]
    • Resolution: dew point 0.1℃or 0.1ppm
    • Repeat-ability: ±0.5℃
    • Gas flow: 0.8~0.9L/min(SF6 Gas etc.); 0.2~0.6L/min(H2 Gas etc.), Electronic mass flow meter, sample gas flow rate without any effect.
    • Pressure measurement: 0~1.0MPa
    • Probe protection: Sintered stainless steel filter
    • Working voltage: 220VAC±10%  50Hz, AC & DC, the overcharge protection, not less than 5 hours of continuous work.
    • Storage temperature level: -40~+70℃
    • Output interface: USB
    • Operate condition: temperature: -30~+60℃
    • Pressure: 0-20bar
    • With management software, including report printing, electronic quality flow meter.
    • Dimension: 130*283*308mm
    • Weight: about 4.3kg

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