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    GDP-II SF6 Gas Purity Analyzer hits:

    Product Description

    GDP-II SF6 gas purity analyzer measures SF6 gas purity of SF6 gas and SF6/N2 mixed gas or others.There is power charge indicator, built-in charger, detector components, which can test SF6 purity fast and accurately. The lifespan is up to 10years.

    It is mainly used to detect SF6 gas purity of SF6 equipment like cables,switches.



    • Long lifespan mini thermal conductance sensor with temperature compensation.
    • High precision, good repeatability. Test results is not influenced by environmental temperature.
    • Built-in voltage stabilization device and Electronic mass flow meter.
    • Large LCD display
    • Light and portable, easy to carry.
    • AC/DC both ok, bulit-in rechargeable battery
    • Fast response, no preheat waiting.


    • Measuring range: 0-100%(SF6 percentage content)
    • Measuring accuracy: ±0.1%(90%~100%)
    • Resolution: 0.1%
    • Measuring time: about 2mins
    • Sampling system: built-in voltage stabilization valve,filter,electronic flow meter
    • Sampling flow: 500-600mL/min
    • Power: AC/DC,built-in charger,Li-battery.Continuous working 8hours for one time charge.
    • Size: 360*240*130mm
    • Weight: about 3kg.

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