GDWG-II SF6 Gas Leak Detector-SF6 Gas Leak Detector 

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    GDWG-II SF6 Gas Leak Detector hits:

    Product Description

    GDWG-II SF6 Gas Quantitative Leak Detector is a new generation of measurement of gas leakage, using imported sensor, with high sensitivity, good stability, fast response, easy to operate and wide moving range, able to fast and accurate quantitative detection of SF6 circuit breaker, leak point and annual leakage rate of GIS.


    The instrument is very suitable for the power supply department, the installation and maintenance unit and the electric power test research institute. It is also very suitable for the SF6 high voltage switch factory as the supporting equipment for SF6 electrical equipment and the export products.



    • Small volume, light weight, portable hand-held serpentine probe, connecting wire increases flexibility.
    • High sensitivity, able to check gas leakage more than 3g/year.
    • Wide measurement range: the instrument can detect the leakage rate of SF6 in the leakage rate range of SF6 switch devices.
    • High accuracy: the instrument adopts advanced calibration method, given the high accuracy of the calibration line and improve the reliability of SF6 leakage detection results and accuracy of quantitative leak detection.
    • Intuitive display, sound and light alarm: adopts digital LCD with backlight display, has simple and intuitive effect. When there is SF6 in existence, the instrument sends out sound and light alarm.
    • Fast response, short recovery time: adopts new type of circuit structure, speed up the instrument reaction, shorten the recovery time, this greatly facilitates the field detection.
    • Rechargeable lithium battery, long use time, can be used for more than 8 hours at a time, very suitable for field, SF6 high voltage switchgear plant and research institute.



    • Detection range: 50~2000ppm;
    • Resolution: 1ppm;
    • Response time: <3s;
    • Recovery time: <3s;
    • Fiducial error: ≤±10%;
    • Repeatable error: ≤5%;
    • Indicating mode: LCD display and multi-frequency sound alarm;
    • Detection length of probe: hand-held serpentine probe, able to be extended to 1m;
    • Continuous working time: 12 hours;
    • Power supply: rechargeable lithium battery;
    • Working environment: temperature: -25℃~50℃; RH Humidity: ≤99, non-condensation;
    • Weight: 0.8kg;
    • Dimension: 230mm(L)*130mm(W)*46mm(H);


    Instrument Structure

    1. Probe   2. Power switch  3. Charging indicator light  4. Battery power indicator

    5. Sound and light alarm indicator light  6. Button   7. Probe handle

    8. Air inlet shutoff valve    9. LCD     10. charging socket

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