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    GDQC-300C SF6 Gas Recycling Solidification & Purification system hits:

    Product Description

    GDQC-300C SF6 Gas Recycling Solidification & Purification system is used to separate the air, CF4 and low fluoride decomposition from SF6 gas. The separation system is based on the principle of high voltage oil free direct liquefaction, carry out initial liquefied filtration of all regenerated and processed SF6 gas, and then carry out further liquefaction of the gas/liquid mixture in the separator by cryogenic cooling system. Nitrogen and other gas is slowly discharged after separation, while the SF6 gas is liquefied and retained again. SF6 gas can be recovered and recycled, the recovery rate is more than 99%. The recycling truck is equipped with multiple high efficiency polymer filters, activated carbon filters, acidic material filters and particulate filters, and the gas is filtered to 0.1 microns to remove dirt and particulate matter. Specially designed and fully functional gas special treatment station can be used in the production workshop of the combined electric appliance manufacturing plant. It can purify, freeze and solidify the unqualified SF6 gas to meet the national new gas standard, and then recharge the standard SF6 gas to the insulation container.



    • Adopts Imported oil free compressor for recycling, recharging, purifying, liquefying and storing of SF6 gas.
    • Dry processing system, can filter out the moisture and decomposition products in SF6 gas.
    • Special filtering technique can be used to adsorb low fluoride in SF6 gas.
    • SF6 gas freezing liquefaction and solidifying purification technology can make the purity of recyclable SF6 gas to meet the new gas standards.
    • The compressor is high voltage without oil and leakage.
    • Enable to recycle the gas on secondary circuit, rapidly extract the gas in SF6 air chamber.
    • Recycling and recharging adopt two independent systems, prevent cross contamination between waste gas and gas after purification.
    • lPLC automatic control system.


    1. Functional Description


    Demand the structure of recovery system is compact, full functional, able to complete all functions of a large SF6 recovery system, including gas filtration and drying, solidification and purification.


    The whole recycling system includes: vacuum pump, compressor, solidification and purification device, liquid nitrogen tank 150L(Cryogenic refrigeration system), gas liquefied condenser, all kinds of filter system, purification system, storage system, the required valve and PLC automatic control unit.


    SF6 gas after purification should meet the national standards. See national standard GB/T12022-2006



    Carbon tetrafluoride (CF4)


    Air (N2+O2)


    Moisture (H2O)


    Acidity (HF)


    Hydrolysis fluoride (HF)


    Mineral oil


    Purity (SF6)

    ≥99.9% (Quality score)




    2. Functions

    • Recover SF6 gas from the SF6 equipment, and measure the vacuum degree.
    • Liquefied storage of extracting gas.
    • Take air and moisture after SF6 equipment maintenance is completed.
    • Circularly drying and cleaning, solidifying and purifying the stored SF6 gas. (Filter the impurities, water, CF4, HF, SF6 decomposition, mineral oil, dust and flocculent particles from the gas.)
    • Evaporate the stored SF6, and then transport it to SF6 Equipment.
    • Recover the gas to storage tank and pipe, heat the gas cylinder, vacuum-pumping to 10--100Pa. 
    • Transport liquid SF6 between air cylinders, storage tanks and external tanks.
    • It can carry out sampling, detecting and analyzing of SF6 gas in the treating process.
    • Renewable large capacity filter.
    • The vacuumized discharge can be absorbed by the alkali wash, and non toxic discharge. Adsorbent through alkali washed and Deep buried.
    • Automatic program protection control, automatic and manual control is optional and visible, the operation is simple and clear.
    • High-voltage direct liquefaction no need to add booster.
    • Gas storage capacity of 300KG, enable to expand external gas cylinder, gas tank.
    • Electronic weighing of gas cylinders.
    • Professional joint for all kinds of switches and electrical equipment.
    • Germany-Coaxial solenoid valve, without danger of general electric valve in case of sudden power failure, such as can not be closed and delay closed.

    3. Technical Parameters

    • Tank capacity: 300L;
    • Working pressure: 5.0MPa;
    • Solidification & purification tank: 80L; 5.0MPa (with SF6 weighing device);
    • Liquid nitrogen tank: 150L;
    • Vacuum pump: 64m3/h, ultimate vacuum: 0.06Pa; Germany-LEYBOLD-D60C  380V;
    • SF6 oil free compressor: 20m3/h   50bar   UNI;
    • Vacuum compressor: oil free vacuum compressor 10 m3/h,   5000Pa;
    • Condenser: 2.2KW;
    • Maximum power: 16KW;
    • Recovery rate: >98%;
    • Regeneration rate: >98%;
    • Digital vacuum meter: Germany-LEYBOLD  DISPLAY ONE    0—1000mbar;
    • Gas cylinder heating device: 6KW;
    • Condensing system: France-MANUERACP  Host 2.32KW  (Auxiliary recovery);
    • Voltage: 380V  60Hz  Three-phase;
    • Filter/dryer:<1 micron particles, decomposition, acid adsorption, micro water adsorption and drying, filter is regenerative and replaceable type. 4 pcs.   Floc filter: 2 pcs  0.5µ;
    • Gas booster: American-HASKEL;
    • Mitsubishi PLC automatic control system, Germany-COAX-CX and other electromagnetic valve, Germany-DMASS sensor;
    • Dimension: 2500*1620*1950mm;
    • Weight: 1800kg;
    • Accessory:
    •      Delivery pipe (gaseous and liquid delivery pipe) 2 roots, 5m/root;
    •      SF6 switch recovery tube: 2 roots, 10m & 15m, with a self sealing valve;
    •      Maintenance tools: 1 sets;

    Notice: As the above mentioned brand of components, should be referred to corresponding input voltage 380V 60Hz, we will contact with foreign brand agent to confirm the exact model, we guarantee the adopted brand no less than mentioned brand.

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