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    GDQC-501H SF6 Vacuumizing and Filling Device hits:

    Product Description

    The model GDQC-501H is mainly used for vacuumizing and vacuum degree testing during installing, running and maintaining procelain SF6 breakers of 35-220kV, CT/PT and other SF6 equipment. It is a compact device, all filling and vacuumizing device is installed on a rugged metal car-frame. It is easy to move even on macadam road.


    Product Configuration

    1. Vacuum pump, 24hours continuous working without heating and losing vacuum degree.

    2. Pointer vacuometer

    3. Regulating valve

    4. Gas pipe

    5. The required valve for SF6 breaker maintenance

    6. Control part



    1. Fast air extracting for SF6 equipment, with good sealing.
    2. High efficient, with fast filling for SF6 equipment.
    3. The mode of gas filling is flexible, air pressure is adjustable.
    4. Customized phase sequence protection, voltage withstand up to 500V, greatly improve the reliability.
    5. Air cooling and movable type. It can be used even in no water condition.
    6. 3phase 5wire power supply, with leakage protector.
    7. Handle moving type, compact and rugged, suitable for working in harsh environment.
    8. Ball valve using Swagelok principle, the sealing components has auto-compensation performance.
    9. Ball valve is applied to vacuum and pressure working condition, ensure the vacuum and pressure is not leakage.
    10. With wheels, easy to move.
    11. Complete function, small size, and less energy dissipation, low noise.
    12. Using digital vacuum vacuometer, with stable performance, vacuum degree is easy to read and the measurement is accurate.
    13. Full automatic oil back protection system.
    14. One set of vacuum pump with 3chambers can be customized.
    15. It is helpful for testing SF6 dew point, purity, decomposition products and leakage/year leakage rate.


    Rotary-vane vacuum pump Brand

    Domestic brand [2xz-15B]

    Cooling type

    long-time working with air cooling type for vacuum pump

    Moving type

    With wheels, moving by humanpower(light)


    Working principle

    high pressure ball valve, vacuum gauge assists vacuum pump to vacuumizing

    Pumping speed(m3/h)


    Ultimate vacuum(absolute pessure Pa)


    Initial pressure of vacuumizing


    Final pressure of vacuumizing


             Recharge speed


    Vacuum measuring type

    Pointer vacuometer

     Measure range of vacuuometer


    Yearly leakage rate


    Working temperature

    upper limit: +40℃

    lower limit: +5℃, -10℃, -30℃


               ≤60dB SPL

    Power supply

    AC 3 phase/4 core 380V±10%, 50Hz



    SF6 special ball valve

    high pressure vacuum dual purpose ball valve(13.5MPa, no leakage)

    Vacuumizing port

    M2 7×1.5 three channels for option

    Steel wire braiding rubber hose will be supplied before leaving factory




    Size (mm)

    800*560*770(or reference)

    Appearance color

    Silver gray

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