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    GDJB-1600 Relay Protection Tester hits:

    Product Description

    Relay Protection Microcomputer Test Device plays a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely. It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection, relay protection, excitation measurement, fault recorder.


    Voltage and current output flexible combination

    Output up to 6-phase voltage 6-phase current, can be combined arbitrarily to realize conventional 4 phase voltage 3 phase current mode, 6 phase voltage mode, 6 phase current mode, and 12 phase output mode. It can not only be compatible with traditional test methods, but also can be used for three-phase transformer differential test and fast cutting and auto switching test of power plant.

    Operation mode

    The single-chip capacitive touch LED display screen, device internal WIN7-64 bit operating system runs independently and can also be connected to an external laptop or desktop machine for operation, convenient and fast, stable performance.

    New high-fidelity linear power amplifier

    The output terminal always insists on high-fidelity, high-reliability modular linear power amplifiers, rather than switch type power amplifiers, with excellent performance. It will not generate high and intermediate-frequency interference on the test site, moreover, it ensures that the waveform is smooth and accurate from the large current to the small current.

    High-performance host

    The output part adopts DSP control, which has fast operation speed, strong real-time digital signal processing capability, wide transmission bandwidth and high resolution D/A conversion. The accuracy of the output waveform is high, and the distortion is small and linear. A large number of advanced technology and precision component materials are adopted, and the specialized structure design is carried out. Therefore, the device is small in volume, light in weight, full of function and convenient to carry.

    Powerful software

    It can complete a variety of large and complex calibration work with high degree of automation. It can easily test and scan various protection fixed values, carry out fault playback, store test data in real time, display vector graphs, print reports on line and so on. 6 phase current can be used to test three-phase differential protection conveniently.

    Has an independent dedicated DC power output with a 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output.
    With USB communication port, which can communicate with computer and other external devices.

    Perfect self-protection function

    The heat dissipation structure is designed rationally, and the hardware protection measures are reliable and complete. It has the function of soft start of the power supply, software self diagnosis and output lockout.


    Rated output

    Frequency error: <±0.01Hz

    Phase error:<±0.2°

    Waveform distortion: <±0.3% (fundamental wave)

    Time error: <40µs

    Output frequency: 201000Hz

    Power voltage

    Allowable range: AC220V±10%50Hz±10%

    Ambient temperature

    Use range: 040℃

    Storage range: -2070℃

    AC source


    6 Phase current output (RMS): 030A/phase

    3 Phase current output (RMS): 060A/phase

    6 parallel current output (RMS): 0180A

    Long-term allowable working value of phase current (RMS): 10A

    Allowable working time of 6 parallel current 180A: 10s

    Accuracy: <±0.2%

    Max. Output power of phase current: 300VA

    Max. Output power of 6 parallel phase current: 1000VA

    Harmonic frequency: 120 times



    Phase voltage output (RMS): 0120V

    Line voltage output (RMS): 0240V 

    Accuracy: <±0.2%

    Phase/Line voltage output power: 80VA/100VA

    Harmonic frequency: 120 times

    DC source


    Output range: 0±10A/phase

    Accuracy: <±0.5% 

    Max. Output load voltage: 20V



    Phase voltage output amplitude: 0±160V

    Line voltage output amplitude: 0±320V

    Accuracy: <±0.5%

    Phase/Line voltage output power: 70VA/140VA

    Time measurement

    Test range: 0.1ms9999s

    Accuracy: <0.1mS

    8 Binary input

    Idle contact: 120mA, 24VDC

    Electric potential contact: ”0”: 0  +6V; “1”: +11 V  +250 V

    4 Binary output

    DC: 220 V0.2 A: AC: 220 V0.5 A


    410mm ×360mm ×200mm



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