GDPD-300U Portable Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detector-Partial discharge detector 

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    GDPD-300U Portable Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detector hits:

    Product Description

    GDPD-300U uses ultra-high frequency(UHF) and ultrasonic detection technology(AE), which can effectively ensure signal sensitivity in the interference on-site environment . It is suitable to detect PD flaw and locate PD signal for power cable terminals, instrument transformers etc.



    1. Non-invasive detection methods, with ultrasonic signal detection.
    2. Ultra-high frequency sensor has functions of directional reception. During testing, when it closes the location where is easy to radiate UHF electromagnetic signals, it can detect PD signals.
    3. Ultrasonic sensors can detect PD signals on grounded metal shell of electrical equipment. It is more sensitive to vibration signal caused by point burr discharge and suspended particles, and is able to locate discharge source.
    4. Hand-held design, Lithium battery supply with 8 hours endurance.
    5. Large capacity memory to meet the needs of the site inspection.



    1. PD detection of Transformers
    2. PD detection of Switch cabinet
    3. PD detection of Power cable
    4. PD detection of Insulators on the line
    5. PD detection of Insulators on the railway
    6. PD detection of GIS
    7. Air impermeability detection of SF6 gas


    • 2.8 inches LCD touch screen display.
    • Data Storage: 1000 testing data can be stored.
    • Power supply: built-in 8.4V lithium battery, 8 hours continuous working.

    Input 100- 240VAC, output 8.4V/3A, charging time 3-4 hours.

    • Detection principle: UHF and Ultrasonic method (AE) PD signal detection technology
    • Detection frequency band : UHF 300-1500MHz, Ultrasonic 20-200kHz
    • Detection range: UHF -80--20dbm, Ultrasonic 0-90dB
    • Sensitivity: 2pC(depends on distance between sensor with discharging source)
    • Sensors: UHF 300--2000MHz, with directional reception.

                           Ultrasonic 20-200KHz

    • Software:

    Continuous detection ultrasonic signals to determine whether there is a partial discharge.

    Real-time display change trend of measured signals.

    Data can be stored on-site.

    • Dimensions: 220 * 100 * 40mm
    • Weight: 1.5kg
    • Usage environment: -20 ℃--45 ℃, Storage temperature -25 ℃--60 ℃
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