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    GDF-3000 DC System Earth Fault Tester hits:

    General information

    In DC system, there are many earth faults including indirect earth fault, non-metal earth fault, loop earth fault, positive and negative earthing fault, positive and negative balance earth fault, multi-point earth fault. GDF-3000 Earth Fault Tester for DC System locates these earth faults and displays the parameters of system voltage, earth voltage, earth resistance and earth impedance of branches accurately.


    1. Adapted DC system of various voltage level, with intelligent direct judgment of earthing point, fast and accurate to locate multi-points earth fault, high resistance earth fault, positive and negative earth fault and loop earth fault.

    2. Friendly interface, clear and easy operation. Display insulation index vividly and real-time display waveform. It reflects insulation level of every branches and earth fault direction.

    3. High accuracy detection. With high precise sensor, resolution up to 0.01mA. Better linearity and broad detection range.

    4. Strong interference ability. It can eliminate the AC/DC series of electric faults effectively, with no limits of earth fault distance.

    5. Small output power. The transmitter generates current of 1.0-5.0mA intelligently according to on-site situation. The max. Power is lower than 0.05W, to ensure safe and reliable operation of DC system.

    6. Humanized appearance design of engineering mechanics, convenient to use and easy to carry.

    7. With good components and scientific production management, ensuring high reliability.

    Technical Specifications

    1. Voltage: 220V±15%, 110V±10%, 48V±10%, 24V±10%, or customized voltage level.

    2. Capacitance range: System to the earth, total capacitance ≤100uF

    3. Single branch to the earth, ≤5uF

    4. Output power of Transmitter: ≤ 0.05W.

    5. Measurement range of Transmitter:

    6. Bus bar to the earth: 0-1000kΩ

    7. System to the earth: 0-1000kΩ

    8. Accuracy of Receiver: <10µA

    9. Locating range of Receiver:

    10. 220V DC system: 0-500kΩ

    11. 110V DC system: 0-250kΩ

    12. 48V DC system: 0-125kΩ

    13. Environment temperature: -35℃-50℃

    14. Relative humidity: ≦ 95%(no condensing)

    15. Weight: 2kg

    16. Dimension: 380*280*120mm(with packing)

    Address: F/10, Block B7, JinYinTan Modern Enterprise City, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, China
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