RLC-12A Gas Relay Tester-Gas Relay Tester 

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    RLC-12A Gas Relay Tester hits:

    Product Description

    RLC-12A Gas Relay Tester is portable design, small size and low power. It is easy operation. Using a reasonable detection principle and advanced design technology, it is compact with high accuracy and stronger detection, and higher reliability.



    • LCD display with indication, easy to operate.
    • With model management system for test object, the instrument can obtain detection curve corresponding to different operating characteristics of the specimen in the detection process.
    • Advanced intelligent design, high degree of automation.
    • Sampling results are true and reliable,portable to carry.

    Technical Specifications

    • Gas relay

    Flow detection: 0.5-1.6m/s, min. resolution 0.01m/s, accuracy 0.5%

    Volume Detection: 0-400ml, min. resolution 1ml, max. error≤5ml

    Sealing test: 0-150Kpa, min. resolution 0.1Kpa, accuracy 0.5%, time 0-120min for option.

    • Pressure release valve

    Opening pressure detection: 0-150Kpa, min. resolution 0.1Kpa, accuracy 0.5%

    Close pressure detection: 0-150Kpa, min. resolution 0.1Kpa, accuracy 0.5%

    Seal detection: 0-150Kpa, min. resolution 0.1Kpa, accuracy 0.5%

    • Test medium

    Gas relay test medium 25# transformer oil.

    Pressure release valve test medium air.

    • Power supply

    Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz;

    Control system: Power 150W;

    Executive system: Power 120W;

    Total power: 270W.

    • Carry case

    Because of the high degree of integration, there are three aluminum cases.

    Gas relay detector: Dimension 700*400*650mm, weight 55kg

    Micro-machine monitoring and controlling case: dimension 550*250*300mm, weight 15kg

    Pressure release valve detector: dimension 500*400*400mm, weight 25kg

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