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    CVT Calibration System hits:

    GDHG-103 system is to calibrate CVT, CT/PT in the substation or power plant.

    System includes

    1. AC Resonant Test System, mainly used to inject high voltage to CVT,CT/PT.

    2. GDHG-103 CT/PT Calibrator

    3. HJ-275/132G3 Standard VT

    4. FY95 VT load box

    5. Other accessories

    GDHG-103 VT Calibrator is mainly used to calibrate voltage transformer. It should be used together with other equipment such as load box, standard VT etc.


    • 320*240 LCD screen with back light.
    • Using advanced circuit and DSP technology, to make resistance-capacitance and phase shift circuit more stable.
    • Friendly interface, easy operation.
    • Small size, easy to carry and convenient for on-site test.
    • With RS232 port, convenient to connect with PC.
    • Measure active component and reactive component of impedance or admittance for VT or CT secondary loop.
    • Automatically indicate polarity. If the polarity is incorrect, the instrument will be cut off automatically and alarm.


    • Power supply: 220V±5V
    • Frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz
    • Operation Temperature: 5℃-40℃
    • Relative humidity: <80%(at 25℃)
    • Altitude: <2500m

    • Measuring range

    Cophase component(%): 0.0001-200.0, resolution: 0.0001

    Quadrature component(min): 0.001-700.0, resolution: 0.001

    Impedance(Ω): 0.001-20.0, resolution: 0.0001

    Admittance(ms): 0.0001-20.0, resolution: 0.0001

    • Basic error

    Cophase component: ΔX=±X×2%Y×2%±Dx 

    Quadrature component: ΔY=±X×2%Y×2%×34.48±Dy

    X,Y-- Display value of instrument

    Dx, Dy-- Quantization error

    Dx=2, Dy=5

    • Error of Percent table: 1.5%
    • Operation range:
    • Current: 
    (1%149%)In    (In =5A)
    (5%149%)In    (In =1A)

    • Voltage: 

    (5%149%) Un    (Un =100V, 150V, 100V/√3)

    (5%149%)Un    (Un =100V/3)

    • Working load:

    Current: TO/TX <0.12Ω, cosΦ=1

    Voltage: a/x <0.25VA (100V)

    • Polarity instruction

    When the current or voltage is at 5% of rated, error is over 180%, it will indicate polarity status.

    Note: If the current is above 10% of rated current/voltage, but there is no polarity instruction, it means there is fault, please do not increase current or voltage.

    Otherwise, the instrument will burn out.

    • Ratio instruction

    When the current or voltage is above 5% of rated, error is over 30% and less than 180%, it will indicate ratio mistake.

    • Insulation and withstand voltage instruction:

    Terminal TX and Ground terminal () is short circuit

    The shell can withstand 1.5kV/1min voltage.

    • Power consumption: <25VA
    • Harmonic suppression ratio: >40db
    • Dimension: 260*350*150mm
    • Weight: about 6kg.


    • Calibrate angle error and ratio error of CT/VT.
    • Impedance test of CT secondary load
    • Admittance test of VT secondary load
    • Measurement of AC small current and AC small voltage.

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