GDWR-5A Earth Resistance Tester for Ground Grid-Earth Resistance Tester 

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    GDWR-5A Earth Resistance Tester for Ground Grid hits:
    Product Description

    GDWR-5A Earth Resistance Tester is a high-precision test instrument used in various fields such as substations for testing grounding resistance and related parameters. The instrument has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient carrying, strong anti-interference performance and high accuracy. The instrument is an integrated structure, built-in variable frequency power supply module, and the output power supply is continuously variable frequency adjustable. The frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz, and the built-in high-speed processor core adopts high-end digital filtering technology, which effectively avoids the interference of the power frequency electric field to the test, and fundamentally solves the problem of accurate measurement under strong electric field interference. A large number of on-site tests and user usage indicate that when the grounding grid is tested under the harsh electromagnetic environment of the running substation, the measured data of the grounding impedance tester of the special frequency ground network are accurate and repeatable. It is an ideal instrument for the measurement of the characteristic parameters of large and medium grounding grids.

    • Full touch large LCD
      The operation is simple, the instrument is equipped with a high-end full-touch liquid crystal display, a large and full graphical operation interface, each process is very clear, and the operator can use it without additional professional training. The entire process can be measured with a single touch, making it an ideal smart measurement device.
    • Frequency conversion technology, accurate measurement
      Strong anti-interference ability. The instrument measurement output power supply is provided by the internal variable frequency power supply module of the instrument, the frequency is variable to 45Hz or 55Hz, adopts the digital filtering technology, effectively avoids various power frequency interference signals on the spot, so that the instrument can achieve high precision, accurate and reliable measurement.
    • DSP high speed processor
      Accurate and fast, the instrument uses a professional DSP fast digital signal processor as the processing core. on the premise of guaranteeing the accuracy of measurement data, the operation and processing ability of the instrument itself is greatly improved.
    • Whole process intelligent measurement and control
      With the strong support of the internal high-performance processing core, the instrument quickly and automatically completes a series of complicated calculation steps such as current output, voltage acquisition and frequency conversion during the whole measurement process. The instrument can automatically judge the impedance of the current loop, and automatically adjust the output current value of the inter-frequency power supply (rated output current is 5A), and the test task can be automatically completed without human intervention. The measurement content of the instrument includes the grounding impedance Z of the grounding grid, the pure resistance component R and the pure inductance component X.
    • Mass storage data
      The instrument is equipped with a calendar chip and a large-capacity memory. The test results can be saved in chronological order, and the historical records can be viewed at any time, and can output and print.
    • Data processing of PC
      The data measured by the instrument can be exported through the U disk, and then the relevant data can be consulted and managed on the PC.



    Use condition




    Anti-interference principle

    Frequency conversion method


    Power supply

    AC 220V±10%

    Generator is allowable.


    Measuring output current

    1A-5A adjustable


    Measuring output voltage



    Measuring frequency of power supply

    45, 50, 55, 60, 65HZ single frequency

    45/55, 55/65, 7.5/52.5HZ auto dual frequency


    Rated output power




    Ground impedance: 0.0001

    Impedance angle: 0.0001°



    Ground impedance: ±(1%*reading+0.002)

    Impedance angle: ±(1%*reading+0.02°)


    Resistance measuring range






    Memory size

    100 groups, support U disk data storage 


    Weight of host

    22 kg

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