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    GDCL series Impulse Current Test System hits:

    Product Description

    The Impulse Current Generator Is Used To Inspect The Capacity Of Electric Equipment Withstand Strong Impulse Current.

    It Is Widely Used In Lightning Arrester And Shock Wave Anti-Interference Test Of Electric And Electronic Equipment Under Their Running Conditions And Used In Other Research Project.

    This Instrument Can Generate Standard Impulse Waveforms Such As: 1/<20uS , 4<10uS, 8/20uS, 10/350uS,18/40uS And 10/1000uS. The Waveform Technical Meet The Requirement Of National Standards And IEC Standards.


    • Touch screen display.
    • Current measured by rogowski coil and residual voltage measured by voltage divider or HV probe,while the wave form recorded by oscillopgraph.
    • Charging mode is constant current and discharging mode is lower spherical cylinder push triggering,phase-shift triggering or three electrodes ignition.
    • Phase-shift accuracy is up to +/- 1 degree within a range of 0-360 degree, excellent in its synchronization performance and reliable in motion.
    • With functions of over-voltage ,over current detection,door open or close automatically and automatic ground.
    • PC data management with digital measurement and control system.Optical fiber isolation communication.
    • PLC control unit.
    • Suitable wave-adjustable inductance and resistor inside,which is convenient combination of various wave-forms,achieving one unit serving multiple purpose.


    1. Wave form is selected according to customers' requirements.

    • 2000uS square wave impulse current amplitude value: 1.5kA±5%
    • 1/<20uS gradient wave impulse current amplitude value: 20kV±5%
    • 4/10uS impulse current amplitude value: 200kA±5%
    • 8/20uS lightning impulse current amplitude value: 40kV±5%
    • 30/80uS operate impulse current amplitude value: 2kA±5%
    • 18/40uS impulse current amplitude value: 20kA±5%
    • 10/1000uS impulse current amplitude value: 200kA±5%

    2. Rated voltage: ±60kV, ±120kV

    3. Output current: up to 200kA

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