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    GDML-20 Automatic Leakage Current Test Set for FRP Insulator Core Rod hits:

    General Information

    Automatic Leakage Current Test Set for FRP Insulator Core Rod is an advanced intelligent test equipment designed according to the latest national power industry standards. This equipment is designed for the AC withstand voltage test of insulated core rod samples. It can measure the AC resistance of the core rod sample. Pressure and AC leakage current. The device consists of two parts: a smart control box and a high voltage electrode assembly.


    • 320×240 liquid crystal display, high speed thermal printer.
    • High-voltage voltage, high-voltage leakage current, low-voltage voltage, low-voltage current 4-way measurement mode, high-precision sensor and high-performance 14-bit AD acquisition chip.
    • Man-machine dialogue full keyboard operation mode, intelligent work process, optional automatic mode and manual mode.
    • Real-time display of high voltage, high voltage leakage current, low voltage, low voltage current, time and withstand voltage results, the display is straightforward.
    • Perfect over-voltage and over-current protection, arbitrarily set output voltage, high-voltage current upper limit, low-voltage current upper limit and timing.
    • Zero return detection function, the test can be carried out after the zero return is determined, which is safe and reliable.
    • With insulation resistance test function, it directly reflects the insulation strength of the tested product.
    • Approximate voltage regulation algorithm, automatic voltage withstand voltage after reaching the set voltage, automatic step-down to zero after the timer ends.
    • When the high voltage current or low voltage current is set, the voltage output is automatically cut off, the voltage is reduced to zero, and an audible and visual alarm occurs.
    • Excellent hardware and software anti-interference design, a variety of anti-interference means, adapt to the harsh electromagnetic environment.


    Equipment capacity


    Input voltage


    Rated input current


    High voltage output


    Rated output current




    Maximum opening distance of electrode


    Maximum diameter of the electrode


    Equipment inherent leakage

     0.12mA / 20kV (basic linear)

    Timing range


    Ambient temperature

     -20 ° C to 50 ° C

    Voltage accuracy

     ≤1.5% (F.S) ± 5 words

    Current Accuracy

     ≤1.5% (F.S) ± 5 words





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