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    GDJW-40B Wireless Insulator Tester hits:

    General Information

    GDJW-40B wireless insulator tester is used for testing distributed voltage of live suspended insulators and suspended insulators in the laboratory, testing the distributed voltage of suspended insulators in the laboratory. It can effectively find hidden faults inside the insulators, improve the reliability of power grid system operation, and improve the working efficiency of operator to carry out live testing.


    This product adopts wireless transmission technology. The communication distance between detector and hand-held terminal can reach over100m, making the measurement process safe, reliable, fast and accurate. In addition, its strong anti-interference ability fully meets the EMC standard, suitable for various electromagnetic interference occasions.


    • With multiple mode, more applicable, more safe and convenient;
    • Universal joint design, measurement direction can be adjusted flexibly according to the hanging position of insulator string;
    • Double-shielding, strong anti-interference ability fully meets EMC standard;
    • Unique man-machine interface, simple to operate.


    Working voltage

    35 - 1000kV (applicable for different voltage grades)

    Voltage measurement range

    0 - 40kV (can be customized)

    Measurement error




    Sampling rate

    10 times/second

    Working current

    ≤ 120mA (for hand-held terminal), ≤ 40mA (for detector)

    Power supply

    2pcs 1.5V AA size dry battery (for hand-held terminal)

    2pcs 1.5V AAA size dry battery (for detector)

    Working time

    More than 12 hours (continuously)

    Line-of-sight propagation distance for detector and handheld terminal

    ≤100m (with full power)


    LCD display, legible in the sunlight.

    Working temperature


    Storage temperature


    Relative humidity

    ≤ 90%RH (no condensing)

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