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    GDHL-100A Micro-Ohmmeter hits:

    General Information   

    GDHL-100A Micro-Ohmmeter is widely used to measure loop resistance and contact resistance for weld joints, cables, and various HV switches within power industry. It uses intelligent power test system “Smart-Quick”, which is granted software copyright, and advanced detection technology.




    • Adopt high-precision constant current power supply, automatic rising current mode without manual adjustment, the test is fast and accurate.
    • Use four-terminal wiring method, effectively eliminate the interference produced by test cable resistance;
    • Wide range, high accuracy, the resistance measurement range is up to 100mΩ.
    • At 100A, max. test time can reach 1~999s, which meets various on-site applications;
    • Large current output for a long time, burning the switch oxide film, making the measurement more real.
    • With built-in standard resistor, real-time self-check on internal and external wiring condition to improve test reliability.
    • Display resistance, current, voltage, time, status and prompt information on the same screen, humanized operation interface design, simple operation process and easy to use.
    • Stable output current with multiple gears of output currents, and the resistance test range is wide.
    • Long working time and has perfect protection functions such as open circuit protection and overheat protection.
    • 4.7 inch large screen color LCD display, with high brightness, legible in the strong sunlight;
    • Built-in thermal printer, easy to print data;
    • 1000 sets of data storage.
    • European type handle quick joint and lock design, large contact surface and strong flow capacity.
    • Combined chassis configuration scheme, users can easily combine related instruments and accessories.
    • Realize the overall packaging and carrying, so that users have a more relaxed experience.
    • The integral design of lifting type and the disassembly and assembly structure of skeleton type are convenient for inspection and maintenance.
    • The embedded structure of the whole machine disperses the stress; shock absorption and buffer treatment ensure the reliability of logistics.
    • Wedge-shaped diversion air duct, improve heat dissipation capacity, greatly extend the service life.
    • Small volume, light weight, not exceeding 5kg, which is very suitable for on-site use.
    • Equipped with USB interface or Bluetooth interface function, the host can be connected with PC or tablet computer, mobile phone, etc. through wired or wireless way to control the device and generate test report through the host computer or APP.(optional)
    • Configure a small program, input section area and length can automatically calculate the resistivity, the conductor material can be considered according to the national standard.



    Power supply

    AC220V±10%, 50Hz

    Power consumption


    Current steps

    50A, 100A, other is customized

    Measurement range


    50A:1μΩ-100000μΩ; 100A:1μΩ-50000μΩ; 


    ± (readings*0.5%+0.1uΩ)



    Digital display of resistance

    5 1/2 digit

    Output voltage of constant current source


    Measurement time

    Multiple test times can be set.

    Power consumption


    Data storage

    1000 sets

    Use conditions

    -20~40, ≤80%RH (no condensing)



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